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"The pure and simple truth....

is rarely pure and never simple."Oscar WildeThe video below sort of says it too.. This blog was prompted by this great guy here and this other great guy here. One other great guy who will understand the message is hereI have been accused of producing somewhat rambling blogs, however there is I hope a consistent message, as you can see HereSo... take 3 minutes, make up a blog and connect other people, and occasionally an outsider (who perhaps could be invited in) to guest blog every year or so.Hope you enjoyed the geography lesson.. apologies if you've seen it before, but a little reminder rarely does any harm.Knitting blog will follow tonight! (just so you know to avoid it ;-)But then you'll have no excuse for not writing a blog of your own - and linking some names! ;-)Angus Whitton"The truth is always positive..... however unpalatable it seems!"