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The real tragedy of the London riots...

The real tragedy. Somebody in London had a message they wanted to give the world, just like most of us business owners. A boy was shot and they wanted answers. We work our arses off everyday in business pitching, publishing books, productising, wrestling with new technology, building profiles online, fighting regulations, paying taxes and wages, structuring partnerships on ecademy and everything else we do to try and move forward in business, and we all celebrate like crazy when we get a tiny TV interview or press release for our message. If your business is anything like mine, my guess is that you have a message behind your business that you believe is important to the world.Instead of all the hard work, by using violence they get their message out to the entire world and all the media attention they wanted in the first place. There is something wrong here and I don't know the answers. Why Ecademy members?We could not work any harder to spread our message, it is no wonder they choose the violent option, because the tragedy is, it works......and it is tragic.When I think of the people that worked so hard to set up those shops that have been smashed up and looted it makes me feel so sad.That might be bankruptcy for their business.I really look to you all for inspiration and would love to hear your thoughts.Simon DixonCEO BankToTheFuture.comFounder of BenedixAuthor 'Student To CEO: 97 Ways To Influence Your Way To The Top In Banking & Finance'