The two greatest skills required to succeed online

I've just heard that two young kiwi brothers have sold their mobile phone marketing company Hyperfactory to Merediths for an undisclosed sum (read into that lots of noughts).One of the brothers, who is just 32 years old, was asked what did he feel was behind their incredible success. His reply:* Tenacity - they had actually been building the business for 10 years - straight from University * Just a bit of luckAnd my belief is that they got their 'little bit of luck' because of their tenacity.So whatever you are doing - stick with it - who knows what might be right round the corner? annSign up for our Powertools newsletter which has hot tips and tools for growing your business, and receive a FREE e-book - 378 Predictions for doing Business in 2010.Ann Andrews CSPThe Corporate Tool-boxOnline Business and Training Resources