Those who can, do. Those who can't teach. ?

I've always had some difficulty writing blogs. I feel like a blog should be written only from a place of authority; a place where you teach others how to do something that potentially they do not already know how to do. Old school thinking? Possibly. So, my intent with this blog is to do a little of both. Curiosity is one of the best gifts the human race has. It leads to more learning and beautiful, intense connections between human beings. One teaching and one learning. Then the listener becomes the teacher. It's a perfect circle. I will share what I learn every day. Some very small and seemingly insignificant subjects and others, that equip me with major life lessons. Hopefully in between I will be able to teach a few things as well. Because I know graphic design, I will more-than-likely involve that in a lot of the "teaching" segments. However, as I'm learning, a blog can be a gorgeous melting pot of anything and everything. So, here goes nothing...(forthcoming in my next writing). I welcome your thoughts, comments, and criticisms too. Like I said, I'm here to learn too!With kindest regards,AnastasiaInsight Design Solutions, Inc & Insight Design Reserve