Tomorrow was Yesterday - Just Get on With It

If I had £1 for every time someone said to me "I have not got enough time to do that", or "I will look at it next week", or "I could have been a player, but I didn't have the money", I would be a billionaire! My answer to this is always the same; time waits for no one. For an entrepreneur in a hurry, that goes doubly so.I am a firm believer that if you have a feeling something needs to be done, or there is a big opportunity just waiting to be grabbed, then just do it. Now. If you don't, someone will beat you to it.People may say to me, well, it is OK for you; you are clearly a risk taker, I'd rather be cautious and check the numbers thoroughly first. Well, that I may be, but I believe that I am a pragmatic risk taker. I do things in the blind belief that they will work. And, if they don't, I damn well will find a way to make them work. Apart from anything else, ask yourself one question: if you are not willing to take the risk yourself that your idea might work and are not confident enough in your own ideas and skills, how do you ever expect to convince any one else to come on board and help you make it happen?So what is it in your business or in your thoughts that you are scared or talk yourself out of when if you go back to the reason you had the idea in the first place your excitement comes back?Lyndon(Diary of a Fortune Hunter Book Extract)