Top 5 tactics to leverage SunZu for your Public Relations

Top 5 tactics to leverage SunZu for your Public Relations

You can be your company's PR expert easily on SunZu. You don't need to pay a PR professional thousands of pounds/dollars/euros to communicate your key messages and ideas.

SunZu makes it simple for you. Online Public Relations has become what black is for the fashion world – a trend that won’t go away anytime soon and suits any business – no matter its shape or size.

While traditional PR (press releases, press conferences, mail-outs, events and product launches) are still valued in today’s market, online PR has further enhanced the way we communicate.

Online PR involves blogs, social networking sites, generating discussion and brand reputation management. Online PR should be an important component of your marketing and PR strategy and something you allocate a certain amount of time to each week.

SunZu is a one-stop social networking spot where you can generate your own PR. SunZu is still in its early stages, but like Spring, growth is before us. It's starting to blossom and you have a integral role to play in this. With your articles, blogs, event listings and knowledge, you can promote your business through SunZu. 

Here's how!

First of all, ensure your online PR strategy reflects your mission and captures your target audience.

Every day we are faced with an overload of information – streaming into our lives through the Internet. It’s overwhelming to decipher what is reliable and relevant. Internet users want the facts – delivered directly to them in the most efficient way.

The power of carefully managed online PR is underestimated. When you post a blog or article online you have the potential to speak simultaneously to a wide audience not only on SunZu, but also through SEO and Internet searches.  These numbers could be in the thousands, even millions. 

By choosing your words carefully to reflect your image and by selecting the best timing for releasing information, you will build your online profile and promote your business effectively in no time.

Top 5 tactics to keep in mind when planning your online PR strategy

1. Press releases and traditional PR can be incorporated into online PR strategy
These are used to make a news announcement, raise awareness or launch a new service or idea, highlight achievements and company developments. You can publish these on SunZu, your own website and use our 'share' functions to spread the word via other social sites.

2. Use your company website and SunZu to broadcast any news
Is your own website up-to-date with the latest news and developments? Include a ‘news’ section on your site update it weekly/monthly/quarterly. Include links to your SunZu profile on your website to and also post these updates to your SunZu profile. Or instead of having your own website, you might decide can be the website you direct all your clients to as your main source of online content.

3. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy as part of your PR strategy
Develop keywords that rank highly in internet searches and include these in all articles and blogs you post on SunZu. Include these keywords in press releases, blogs, social media posts and all other PR. Use Flashboard to measure which articles are most read.

4. Word of mouth  
As online PR is an evolved form of word-of-mouth advertising, made possible through technology and interactive tools such as blogs, links, share functions, fellow SunZu members are instrumental in your PR. So start commenting and engaging on fellow users' blogs and articles, and they in turn will most likely comment and share your information. Respect the power they hold. Create a conversation.

5. Get networking 
Being active on SunZu and sharing your posts to other social sites are an integral part of Online PR. Create discussions, make connections, approach someone new. Check out events in your area, create an event, take all opportunities to promote your business and let us know how successful this is!


For more information on why you will benefit from SunZu read this article outlining the Top 13 Reasons to be on SunZu by SunZu CEO Lyndon Wood.