Ukraine's child prostitutes in state care

Mykhailo Syrota was a member of Ukraine's parliament when he spoke out about children in state care being prostituted. man regarded as the father of Ukraine's constitution, Syrota died in a road traffic accident 5 months later: As you may observe following the article, there are comments directed at my colleague and I . Made anonymously, they reflect similar content in a blog hosted by Google since 2006. The Ukrainian constitution may be found on Wikipedia where article 26 identifies responsibilities of foreign residents. "Foreigners and stateless persons who are in Ukraine on legal grounds enjoy the same rights and freedoms and also bear the same duties as citizens of Ukraine, with the exceptions established by the Constitution, laws or international treaties of Ukraine."That's us and any other businessman or representative of US and UK government living and working there.Justification for us, a social enterprise to speak out ourselves about how disabled children suffered in state care, where up to 80% of resources were siphoned by organised crime.Death Camps for Children This was to lead on to our strategy paper on Microeconomic Development and Social Enterprise in Ukraine and froom what I've described above , what it means by "those who suffer most must be helped first - not on the way or by the way".The case for applying capitalism to achieve social outcomes in Part Two, will increase in significance over the following 4 years.