Top Ten Tips for Using Twitter effectively

Top Ten Tips for Using Twitter effectively

Are you using Twitter effectively?

We all know the power of Social Media.  Twitter is great for raising brand awareness and for building relationships online and making connections with people who you would never normally meet worldwide!  Lots of us have twitter accounts yet are we using them to their full potential?

Here are some tips to assist you 

  • Follow people who are active themselves.
  • Retweet their tweets if you like what they are saying
  • If something good happens, tweet about it! If you find an interesting article especially on SunZu, tweet it out.
  • Share articles from SunZu and link the authors twitter name. (You are guaranteed at least one Retweet from that) Also, this member will reciprocate and share your articles so we are all assisting one another.
  • Tweet at least a day, preferably 10 times per day though, at different times. (morning, lunch, evening, night) I find this most effective.
  • Ask people how they positive and offer your opinion if they ask for it. (However, keep away from controversy)
  • There are lots of hashtags out there that actively promote business. Use them to build your network and following. e.g. #bizitalk #bizbritain #irishbizparty #M50bizhub #FPSbs #tweeturbiz #sbs #wow
  • Be yourself. Be interesting - it's very easy to 'unfollow' so keep your content interesting, funny and consistent. Be known for certain things. e.g. Everyone knows I love SunZu, chocolate and tea, nature, business, entrerpreneurship and assisting others with RTs. Am asked for RTs as I have a big following...I always oblige unless they are people up to no good.
  • Use a twitter name that raises brand awareness. e.g. I work for SunZu so my twitter name is @SunZusam.
  • Build your twitter following by actively looking for people who interest you or share your interests. Show support for them and let them know you like what they do.

We all want to get as much attention and sales as we can for our business, so use social media properly. Twitter is a free way to get your business name out there and make connections. So use it. Use SunZu to amplify your presence and get a chance to be shared even more. We all have articles up here that need to be shared. So get sharing, spread the word, and follow @SunZusocial as this is the official SunZu twitter account. See you over there sometime!