Want to drastically improve your sales results?

It has been a dismal few years - but lets decide NOT to get sucked in any longer to the doom and gloom. Lets set some new and challenging goals - lets set a target to improve our sales....I will if you will.This month, here at The Corporate Toolbox we are running our regular meet-the-expert webinar with special guest Michael Taplin, one of the world's top experts on KPI's for sales teams.So if you have a sales team - join us - in fact get your entire team to join us. However, if you are a sole trader and just want an injection of ideas and energy, then this will work for you too.Discover the real points of leverage in your sales process. Find the real KPIs that drive sales performance. • Learn the two KPIs that really leverage sales performance,• Learn how to make them work for you.• Check out a KPI model that improves sales productivity.• Learn how simplified sales reports can improve sales team morale in tough times.These sessions are always interactive. Michael will answer your questions, and has offered a prize for the person who asks the best question - a copy of The Sales Manager's Toolkit from bizlearn.biz backed up by a month's personal on-line support to apply it to your business.When: 29th April - 9 - 10 a.m.(NZ time) - 28th April (UK time) Check the time converter for your area when you register right here DON'T MISS OUT ON THE FREE WEBINAR - EVEN IF YOU JUST GET ONE IDEA FOR IMNPROVING YOUR SALES RESULTS YOUR TIME HAS BEEN WELL SPENT - annSign up to our fortnightly issue of Powertools; a regular supply of business ideas; business tips and business tools for growing your business and receive a copy of 'What Next?' 29 Successful Entrepreneurs Sharing Their Predictions for 2011 and 2012. An absolutely amazing book featuring Penny Power and Dr Ivan MisnerAnn Andrews CSPThe Corporate Tool-boxOnline Business and Training Resources