Watch your reputation over the Christmas (drinking) period

In virtually every culture in the world, their special days are times of fasting or reflecting; sadly in the Western world, our way of celebrating seems to be to see how much food and alcohol we can consume without bursting or becoming unconscious (me too - though not the alcohol - it just gives me a headache).So remember that there will be life after the office party, and that final 'free booze' lunch with clients - check out Tessa Hood's gorgeous article on etiquette, manners and behaviours - so that when you come back to work next year you don't have to wear a brown paper bag over your head to hide your embarassment; or worse - move to another continent till people forget what you did!! annSign up Powertools; a regular supply of tips and tools for growing your business and you will receive 5 Truly Inspiring e-books as our gift to you.Ann Andrews CSPThe Corporate Tool-boxOnline Business and Training Resources