We need your help.

Dear Fellow eCademy members and Friends,Today, we are glad to inform you that Eagle-Lion International Foundation(ELIF) launches its four adoptive projects : ANAK-Stiching,Holand-Philippines ( by Toon Kerssemakers)Burundi Empowerment Drive ( by Toon Kerrssemakers)Gawad Kalinga, Philippines ( Jose Ma. Montelibano and Ernie Delfin)Kids' Hope ( by Mellanny Stematelaky and Jesus the Gospel International Ministries)For more details about our projects, please feel free to browse throughour website. http://www.eaglelionintfoundation.org/projectsofelif.htmlOur maiden project is to help ANAK-Stichting-Philippines (an NGO that gives scholarship grants to the marginalized children of Negors, Philippines) to ship its books from Utrecht tothe Philippines. For this, we need to appeal to your benevolence to please help us find a courier who is willing to ship these books for free. We also accept book donations.For more details about ANAK, please readToon Kerssemaker's announcement ( Toon is ELIF's Honorary Consultant for Legal Affairs and in charge of this project.) : " ANAK opened its Reading Center called Private Reading Place ( PRP) in Bacolod, Negros,Philippines where children from thesurrounding overcrowded slums are able to walk in and read a book in aquiet environment, and where they can be by themselves.We already have two hundred ten ( 210) books butthere is a need for more. The Dutch organization "Read to Grow" iswilling to give us all of the needed books in English language forfree!"For book donations, please contact us / leave a message in ELIF wall or send your message to Toon Kerssemaker : http://www.ecademy.com/account.php?id=420098Hans Terhurne: http://www.ecademy.com/account.php?id=128778Mary Moore: http://www.ecademy.com/account.php?id=400092We are looking forward to your assistance in terms of book donations or shipment of the said items.Thank you for partnering with us in our quest to create a positive "RIPPLE of LIFE".Very truly yours,Toon Kerssemakers Hon. Legal Consultant and In-charge of ANAK-Stichting ProjectMary D. Moore and Hans TerhurneClub Moderators-ELIF ecademyhttp://www.ecademy.com/module.php?mod=club&c=7812