What do you think a or b?

If someone is 51 he is:A old tired and outdatedB experienced and wiseA almost retiredB someone who can contribute for another 15 yearsA a computer nitwittB a guy with a valueable networkA a stubborn old mowner.B a guy with a strong opinionA a senile old soddB a father figure colleages trust to talk toA an old cripple muleB a guy that will never give up!Getting the picture already?A a guy that is not doing a lot of overtimeB someone who has learned to work efficientA the guy that calls in sick on monday morningB the guy you cn rely on when things get tough!I can go onfor quite a while, perhaps you can ad a few too!?What would you prefer?Let's keep things moving!Fred RutgersFred RutgersDoorzetter1960@gmail.com+31651542222Also check out my details on linkedin and xingP.S. let's get connected!If there is anything I can do for you, Just ask!