What next London 2012 for you business-wise?

Hey the Brits did more than win a few gongs. I was mightily impressed by Transport For London (TFL) who worked extraordinary hours and under the most trying conditions and yet the on-train, at station experience was friendly and informative always. Our friend Mark at Northfields dealt with a LOT of late night hassles but stayed calm throughout.I really enjoyed the TV presenters. Unpretentious, warm and always wry or dry.I loved the back story coverage of athletes.I think the volunteers are the secret to these games.You cannot go past London as the perfect backdrop to an event this global.I loved the environmentally low impact stadiumsIt was great to see Andy Murray win. The Brownlee brothers were inspiring. I was so appreciative of how the gymnasts handled being downgraded to a Bronze.I liked how our local pub installed big screen TVs and held theme days and kept us informed with chalk board updates.Our green grocer had the fruit Olympics telling us the daily fruit tally. Apparently it is a tie between tomatoes and cherries.I liked the cleverness of the beeb's red button options. And the Times coverage. And the Metros clever 17 special covers.I loved seeing the torch relay and the window displays in Shadoxhurst and Bude.It was great to see Usain Bolt win again but Mo Farah captured all of what is good about being a family in the UK.***The lesson though is what comes next. Sydney 2000 saw a boom in travel for about 3 years after the Games. Well the major tourist spots did.I was lucky to be on a committee for regional economic development and we looked at strategies to 'extend' the life of travel spend beyond Sydney. Our region did really well I am happy to make notes and learnings from that committee and a report available to Ecademy members.I will post it as a Slideshare http://www.slideshare.net/TCE/2012-london-olympics-and-beyondPlease download it now. I will leave it up for a week only.The video is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4lzSEfBwdZoHope that helpsAndrew Priestley