What's your Electronic or Digital Legacy?

Dear thanks to Mark Sinclair and his team George and James for putting this show together (we made 23 new shows that day). Do you like the background? Can you tell where it is?I wanted to explore with you the idea of securing your digital assets for your children or close family in your Will. In an era being described by some as the cult of less it seems our kids and our kids may live digital lives and therefore seek fewer physical assets. My 13 nieces and nephews in their 20s and 30s all make a good living own nothing and rent everything. They travel relentlessly, are highly nomadic and work anywhere their skills are required worldwide.I've always loved my Mercs but the kids have no interest. Their focus is BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), Facebook, iTunes, Macbooks, Call of Duty (CoD) and Friends (electronic relationships). They live on hard disks.So if you have completed your Will for that final day have you included your digital assets, your contacts, your emails, your PDFs, your powerpoints, your docs, your excels, your blogs, your tweets, your videos and of course your usernames and passwords for their access?