Whatever you do, do not steal my time!

I feel a sudden need to share one of todays experiences with you all.Today I has a meeting with 4 people. we scheduled to start at 14.00 hoursThe first person arrived at 13.55The second person at 14.03The Third at 14.09!!!The last person kept us all waiting and called at 14.20 that he couldn't make it!!!!!!!!!When I mentioned to this person that he had kept us waiting for 20 minutes he just said. well what's the hurry in life!Now I'd like to share something a chinese friend told me once.If you steel my money, I will start earning new moneyIf you steel my car, I will buy a new oneIf you steel my home, I will build a new houseIf you steel my wife, I've got roughly 300 million other to choose from in our countryBut if you steel one minute of my time it is gone for ever, since time is the only thing I can not replace. The only way to create 1 extra minute in my life is to live 1 minute longer, and that is not under my control. It is in the hands of god.And I must say these words feel so true!!Perhaps this is why I hate people for coming late to appointments.They keep me from doing what I should be doing.They steel my time, and I can never get it back!How do you feel if people arrive late on your meetings?How do you inspire people to arrive on time?I look forward to your tips on how to cope with this issue!Kind regards to you all and have a great weekend. And remember, make the best of it. Time flies when you are having fun!Fred Rutgerswww.isotechniek.nlfred.rutgers@isotechniek.nl+31649436436Also check out my details on linkedin and xingP.S. let's get connected!If there is anything I can do for you, Just ask!