When is the best time to tweet?

When is the best time to tweet?

How do I know when the best time to tweet is?

If you are on twitter, you will know that sometimes you can post something that seems to get a lot of attention and then at other times, it seems like no one is paying attention or online at all!! Knowing when your target market or audience is online is a very important issue.  No point in sittting down  at the laptop, tweeting away and no one can see the information you are putting out there!

So how do you find out? Well I found some useful tools for doing just that!

I used Tweetstats.com to get a graph of what my tweeting is like.


There are others though. Some of which you will have to pay for. Is a worthwhile investment I think. You can find out when the best time to tweet is.


Here are the stats for @SunZusocial for example for Tweetwhen.co


Interesting eh? So on a Saturday night 5pm EST which means after 10PM or so for me!

Very useful tool though and a real timesaver!  Happy tweeting!

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