When Whores Believe More About God than the Church Does!

I posted this earlier this year but thought to repost it to bring a Christmas Smile!The Power of PrayerIn a small town in the state of Nevada (where brothels are legal), an entrepreneur buys a piece of land right opposite the local church. He announces that he is building a brothel on this site.The church and its congregation object strongly. They start a campaign to block the opening of the brothel and hold daily prayer meetings against it. Work progresses and the brothel duly opens.However, the same day a freak thunderstorm hits the town. The brothel is hit by an enormous bolt of lightning and burns to the ground. The insurance company refuses to pay out as they say the lightning strike is an Act of God.The church folks are extremely pleased until the brothel owner sues the church authorities. He claims that the church, through its action and prayer, is ultimately responsible for the destruction of his property, directly or indirectly.The case goes to trial.In court, the church vehemently denies all responsibility for the destruction of the brothel. The judge comments: "I don't know how I'm going to decide this case. From the paperwork it appears we have a whore-house keeper who believes in the power of prayer - and an entire Episcopalian congregation who doesn't!"Have a great ChristmasBlessings, Light, Love and PeaceNicConnect - Engage - Share

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