When will UK universities learn customer service? #unibirmingham

Source: http://beta.studentbomb.com/universityprofile/university-birminghamAs our sons and daughters are now faced with ever increasing student tuition fees and crazy cost of living in student accommodation, when will universities realise that students are CUSTOMERS?Students fined for learningFor the second year running my daughter has been fined by her university. Her crime... borrowing books from the library to study over Christmas.The storyThe university stops running lectures and seminars about 2 weeks before Christmas. My daughter stayed in Birmingham for a week studying, and as she is in her final year and has important work to submit in January, borrowed several books. These books are due back in mid January.Then 3 days before Christmas she gets a recall of 3 of her books, and is FINED for each day she delays returning them. The on CHRISTMAS day receives an email recalling another!!!If a book is taken out and had a return date - that is a contract - expecting people that travel home to return such books at such notice is crazy. What are her fees for if not partly for access to books? How is she to study without these materials? Is this just a CON by the Uni to extract more money out of the students? For the library is closed, so the books could not be re-distributed anyway!I could understand it if she were to be extending the book loan - but this is the first withdrawal. She herself has had to wait months to get some books, and within days of getting them, they are recalled. Will universities offer study credits because they have FAILED to provide just in time research and study material?Time for Uni's to think differently about customersIf Universities are to expect £9000 per year from a student (CUSTOMER) then they need to start offering a SERVICE.Unless these redbricks actually realise that the professors and staff are there to SERVE students, then it will not take long for new intakes to flock to the new universities or institutions offering the best service.How long will it be before the famous names of the US or other international institutions start to offer real service and value for money?Maybe the OU approach of providing the students each with all their own materials is the way forward.

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