Who can help redundant people become self-employed and happy!

I am so concerned by the number of people who have been made redundant and who will have little chance of employment.The growth in self employment and new start-ups is unprecedented.It is not easy to learn how to be self sufficient, self starting and critically know what your value to others is as a piece of 'jigsaw' in the supply chain of business services.I get my greatest level of satisfaction from the fact that ecademy has supported thousands of people on this journey. It has been an implicit service, not one that we have shouted about or branded. I just know that the word on the street is 'join Ecademy as the members there are open and supportive and welcome new contacts into the community'.Knowing how well Ecademy Members serve people when they first come out of the Public Sector or Corporate environment makes me very proud of the attitudes of knowledge and social sharing that goes on here.I would like to build a group of people who could help me to create an 'Ecademy Solution' for recently redundant people to become self sufficient and powerful in thier own right.The emotional journey of working for yourself for the first time is enormous, I believe that Ecademy is the best community for these people. We are open, supportive and embrace new people beautifully as a community. What is needed is a guide and a place for them to come to inorder to get some coaching, mentoring and friendship. We should also ensure that the market knows that ecademy is a great place to come for support and this form of networking.Apart from the tools and Events on Ecademy (Blogging, Boardrooms to name two) I believe it is the values here that are best suited to anyone needing to build their Emotional Confidence and then identify what skills they uniquely have.To begin with I would like to create a Collaborative E-Book between a number of us, with 2-3 pages of help for each area that they may stumble into and realise that they need more guidance on. If you are the Author of the section, you will be highlighted.Types of needs for a someone embarking on this journey are, these are some thoughts for each chapter section:- IT - how to buy wisely, find support, undertand the latest hardware and applications- Social Media - what does it bring to the business in reality- Accounting - book keeping and the benefits of getting help, who to trust and how to measure- VA's - benefits of having a Virtual Assistant- Leading and resourcing a sole trading business - the leadership model for this changing world - How to ask for help - knowing you are not alone- Branding - how to build your brand and be known, liked and followed for the right reasonsPlus many of your great ideas.So, to you, are you willing to lend a hand? Is there someone willing to create the e-book? If you would like to help me build this, please cna you join this Group so we can all communicate in side there.Do you think this is a good idea for us as a community to produce?Would you market it and share it with people that you come across that need help?warm regardsPenny PowerFounder of Ecademy and Ecademy Digital SchoolHelping you build social capital in your business and lifeFollow @pennypowerI support:Digital Business Britain Manifesto