Why a content overhaul will help your business

Why a content overhaul will help your business

You’ve just spent thousands of dollars getting your website designed and establishing a social media presence but you can’t keep potential customers interested for more than a few seconds.

You want visitors to your website to make a decision, a purchase, or obtain the information they require, but it's just not working.

You are desperate to attract a bigger social media following, but can't quite get the content right. 

'What’s gone wrong?' I hear you ask. Well, it may be something other than the website design that’s driving visitors away. 

In this information-saturated world, it's time to simplify things and get the best out of your content.

Does your website answers these simple questions:

Where, What, Who, Why, When, How?

Visitors to your website want to know:

Where they are 
What your business does
Who is behind your business 
Why they should read on 
When they should act / use your services (call to action)
How you can help and how they should contact you

These five W's and the H will sound familiar to journalists and public relations professionals like myself, as they are the basic principles used to gather information for any story.  I believe that the same principles should be applied when writing copy for a website. 

Content is king, and without clear and concise writing website visitors will lose interest. Fast. 

If you are struggling to get your content into top shape then perhaps it's time for a content overhaul. You might want to search SunZu's network to seek out your perfect content writer.

Here are 10 ways a professional content writer could help your business:

1.  Your website words will be clear and concise with a strong call to action (to make a decision, purchase, enquire for a quote or more information).

2.  It will help you get the tone of voice right. Professional writing will keep copy conversational, speak to your target audience and sound professional.

3.  Provide a thorough proof reading service for spelling mistakes and silly errors.

4.  Ensure your copy is relevant, reliable, factual and updated regularly. Consider including a news section on your website if you are likely to make frequent updates or announcements.

5. Help you get to the point quickly. The saturation of information online means your audience won’t stay on your website for long, so you must capture them instantly.

6. Select images to help tell the story. Visuals have more impact than words in many cases, so where appropriate use just a few words and a relevant image to get your message across. 

7.  Select and publish the most appropriate video content to reflect your message/brand.

8.  Content writing goes hand in hand with your online PR strategy. Promoting yourself online is not just limited to having a good website.  Developing a PR plan to create regular blogs which you can post to your website and of course here on SunZu, taking all networking opportunities, and communicating the key messages of your brand are crucial to your success.

9. When using social media sites remember that you are speaking simultaneously to a wide audience.  These numbers could be in the hundreds, even thousands. A content writer can double-check what's written before you publish it - to avoid any online PR faux pas from going global and subsequent reputation damage or legal action.

10. Develop a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. A content writer will select keywords and combinations that rank highly in internet searches and increase visitors to your site.  These keywords can be included in press releases, news updates, blogs, social media posts and all other online PR and website content.