Why a smile is your best business tool

You may think your profile photo isn't high up on your priority list when it comes to new business generation but I'd say it's one of the most crucial aspects of your marketing strategy.First impressions count and as more of us use social networking and online communities to build and form business relationships, people are making their minds up about who we are based on our profiles, and especially the headshot we use.So it should make sense therefore that you do everything in your power to give potential clients no excuses for not stopping and taking a longer look at your profile to find out more about you and your area of expertise.The easiest way to do this is to smile. Smiles are infectious, you only have to walk down the street and smile at someone and they will smile back at you. A smile really "lights people up" and it's not just me saying that. Recent research from Reading University proves that its in your genes to look longer at happy faces. This can give you a huge advantage by having your image imprinted in mind for a longer period which will make you more easily recognised and remembered in the long term. So whose profile photo made you smile today?