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Why Does Ecademy Mean So Much To Me?

A lady called Karen McGuigan, who had wanted to give work to meSpent plenty of time and emotion to find if a fit she could seeShe sounded so kind and inspiring; to work with her would have been greatBut consistent communication proved that was not to be our fateShe cared for my need to develop and contribute all that I could With no gain to her she decided, that if she could help me she wouldThough we had both been disappointed, she had more that she wanted to say"Ecademy is a great network, and there they will show you the way"She made such a brilliant impression; I wanted to show her I'd heardSo sought unfamiliar website, named with such an oddly spelt wordI joined up and instantly searched for my new friend so we could connectAnd found that she wasn't a member - that outcome I did not expect!I must admit that did confuse me, so demotivated I fledAnd kick myself for time I wasted 'til I put confusion to bedEventually I got the message, direction was needed by MESo I must now explore this network and learn of its great USPAnd so, with my mind set on commerce, on the big 'So what's in it for me?'I set about my exploration and found I liked what I could seeSince I'd been there last there'd been contact from those who had wanted to greetThis unknown and ignorant newbie who'd left behind all she could meetI couldn't help smiling at kindness, its touch left its warmth in my heartSo I packed up my wish to make money, resolved now to make a real startYes something was here that would draw me, a magnet that hooked me each dayAnd with it came such inspiration to help anyone any wayI wanted to learn to be better, be worthy, be greater, be goodI wanted to open my heart up to every member I couldI invited those that I valued, this wonder I wanted to shareAnd so many didn't accept my appeal, but each one who did met me thereYes I led those few horses to water, yet many of them didn't drinkI think it's a shame they don't 'feel' it, I can't change the way that they thinkI hope they might come back like I did and have a good look round the siteThen maybe they'll find that connection, that link that will show them the lightBeing here's like the tip of potential; unlimited things I could doThere's so much I can learn, share and smile at and the chance to meet each one of youAnd everyone reaches out to me and makes me feel welcome insideAt first it was quite overwhelming and now I just flow with the tideI'd come from a past of dysfunction, where 'trust' was replaced with 'BEWARE!'I'd come with a heart quite determined, believing there ARE souls who careI'd come with a fear I'd be proved wrong, an ending that I couldn't bearI'm here and my fear has diminished, rebuilt I reach out everywhereI don't understand how it works yet but I'm healing more every dayAnd the spirit of warmth that engulfs me comes from every word you all sayI've wanted to tell you about me without bringing pain to your mind'Cos joy, hope and friendship are what we want here, least that's all I have managed to findSo now I belong for the first time in years to a place where I've never yet metAll the wonderful people who've made me relax in a way that few others have yetYes it's like home from home, I find friends here; who I want to know much more aboutIn a bid to provide my assistance, now I just want to help people outWhat a privilege that I was sent here, where I'm learning it's good just to beI'm delighted to 'meet' the two founders, so honoured they've linked up with me And I've gone on a bit, I'm so sorry; believe me there's more I could sayI've invited dear Karen McGuigan, I so hope that she'll join us one day.So to wrap up I'm so glad I came back, I try to login every dayThough it's closer to say I don't log out, save for when PC loses its wayThis community is so addictive and has certainly brightened my lifeDue to this I'm a much better colleague and a warmer friend, mother and wife.Thank you for taking me in, I hope you like my tribute :-)Kind regardsToni HuntManaging DirectorHunt Business LimitedTel: +44 7774 012134Email: toni.hunt@huntbusiness.comWeb: http://www.huntbusiness.comLinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/tonihuntBlog: http://www.blogger.com/profile/10037368778041917275Twitter: http://twitter.com/ToniHunt