Why Ecademy Leads the Field in the Digital Age

The mind is the connecting link between the formed and the unformed world. What we think turns into reality. Throughout her life, Penny Power's thoughts have always been about other people and how she could help make the world a better place, not just for herself and her family but for everyone. Technology, she thought is a better way of doing things, so how could it be used to bring people closer?She started to move in the direction of her dream gaining the enthusiastic support of Thomas and countless others along the way. It was a great idea, called Ecademy and in 1998 far ahead of its time. This would be a community of people from all over the world, meeting, sharing ideas and information, and connecting.Everything has a price. Both Penny and Thomas were willing to pay whatever price was asked by investing all of their time, energy, money, ambition and courage, turning this dream into reality.The world has changed massively since 1998. We have all paid a price for this rapid, continuous, pervasive, change in that it has seriously stressed out and demoralized people, causing them to be more distrustful than ever before. Reduced loyalties between employers and employees, pressures of cost-cutting have all taken its toll.The technology has also made it fiercely competitive,Other networks springing up with great financial resources and highly sophisticated technology. Their focus was on functionality and monetisation.Penny and Thomas continued to focus on teaching people and helping them connect with others. Why will there never be another Ecademy?Everything filters from the top. You can't build a culture, what ever is at the top filters down through the ranks.Penny is part of a rare breed of self actualizing, right brain thinking and non-assertive High Blue entrepreneurs that get set on fire with an idea, and have the courage to step outside their comfort zone, and pay whatever price it takes to accomplish their dream.The concepts and principles embedded in Ecademy all had the priority of relationships. Close and personal, coming from High Blue Penny, and stimulating, socializing and interactive coming from High Yellow Thomas. This is what flows through Ecademy.Emerson said, it is impossible to recognize the qualities in another person unless you have those qualities yourself.25% of the people in the world look at and filter the world through High Blue Penny's warm supportive and nurturing eyes and ears. 25% of the people look at and filter the world through High Yellow Thomas's fun-loving, enthusiastic, optimistic eyes. Chances are good that anyone in the world that is a High Blue or High Yellow will like Ecademy, because it focuses on what right brain thinking people feel is the most important, which is relationships.But what about the other 50% of the world that are left brained thinking?Non-assertive left brain thinking High Greens are having a lot of difficulty with all of the changes taking place in the world. They are not used to going with the flow and have trouble being flexible with people and situations. Their priority is tasks in setting up systems and procedures. High Greens can learn an enormous amount in Ecademy in how to adapt to the changes that are taking place in the world today.When High Greens join Ecademy they can sometimes be put off with the openness of the majority of members, the fast pace, and too much emphasis on the touchy feely side, not to mention those of us that are disorganized and illogical.Right Brain thinking High Blues and High Yellows need High Greens, to balance out our limiting patterns.It's difficult for left brain thinking, assertive High Reds to come to grips with what is happening in the world today. High Reds are used to being Number1,Numero Uno!They have two governing needs, the need to achieve and the need to control.High Reds areas of brilliance means that they can out -accomplish anyone.They work impressively by themselves and focus on what needs to be done and do it.Up until recently their way of doing things worked very well. They relied heavily on authority, control and command, my way or the highway.But the world has changed; it's not about authority it's about influencing others to do things because they want to. It is a challenge for High Reds to come to grips with the reality that the only way that they can control a situation today, is through Giving.One of the areas of brilliance of High Reds is their ability to focus intently on what needs to be done. They are great at building things; however, being sensitive to the needs of others, is generally not one of their strengths.One of the limiting patterns of High Reds is their inability to identify with the group.Facebook, Linkedin and Google have great technical functionality. However because they are being heavily influenced by their High Red Founders and administrators the emphasis is on tasks and not people.High Blue Penny knows that the greatest craving in all of us is our desire to be appreciated.High Blues are generally risk aversive. They avoid risks and seek security unless that latch on to an idea that is so big that they can't let go. With all of the changes that have and are taking place, people haven't changed. We all have the same needs and wants.Penny's dream, of creating a community where people feel valued has never been more important than it is today. Ecademy was ahead of its time in 1998, and remains ahead of it's time today.