Why I like Robert Cravens Grow Your Service Firm book

Simple. It works.***Recently I read Robert Craven's book Grow Your Service Firm.I do lots of business development and turnaround work, strategic audits, consulting and public speaking and I've been recommending this (and a couple of other good books like James Caan's 7 Day Start Up) because it is highly relevant right now for these economic times and will be for some time to come.I suggest you buy two copies of the book. Then get your self a cuppa or a beer and pencil and a notebook because the insights for your business will come thick and fast. The first chapter in the second section alone - The Expert Model pp45-53 - is a game changer. I had a client working on a proposal. I got him to read this section and in one hour he had converted that structure for pitching what he does into a highly compelling value proposition for his business.He took a £1100 product and turned that into a £25000 offering. A second client has taken a £7800 product and turned that into an £80000 + VAT proposal that looks like proceeding. I will keep you posted. But well done Robert. He has been very generous with his ideas and experience and thankfully its a coherent structure that makes real time business sense.***OK why two books?1. You are supporting an Ecademy member who is very active in delivering value in our community. For goodness sakes, get behind him! Make him a best-seller. There is so much crap out there its great to support someone we know and buy a decent book that actually works.2. You KNOW someone else who really needs this book - besides yourself; possibly a colleague or a client. 3. It actually does what it says on the tin. I have road tested only one or two of Robert's ideas and they work (if you do what he says). His tools clarified my client's thinking and sharpened their value proposition. 4. You'll want to read it again, anyway.To PurchaseYou can click through to my website Resources page and find a link to Robert's book at www.andrewpriestley.com/resources.php or click here.
PS. If you buy Robert's book via Amazon on Monday 13th it will register as a fast moving book which technically makes it a best seller! So if inclined buy it Monday 13th August from Amazon. You can buy direct from Robert but Amazon creates more noise in the 'best selling author' stakes which is the point.Hope that helps.Andrew Priestley