Will Marie Colvin's death change the history of Syria?

Marie Colvin was one of the best known war journalists in her profession and was certainly not afraid of putting herself in harms way in order to get close to and gather real intelligence about conflicts around the world.She lost an eye in Sri Lanka some years ago and suffered post traumatic stress disorder following that too. This morning she lost her life in the bombardment of Homs in Syria. It's suggested that a makeshift media centre there was targeted specifically. Other journalists were injured and a french photographer, Remi Ochlik, was also killed.More information here >Marie Colvin reminds us of the risks that some journalists and reporters take in order to bring information to us from the worlds troubled hotspots and all of her colleagues and friends must be deeply shocked by the events leading up to her death. The prime minister paid tribute to her in Prime Ministers Questions today.We need people like Marie Colvin, she's been an inspiration to many and a more courageous and brave person would be hard to find. I hope that her death will become a rallying point for change in Syria and bring the world to the realisation of what is genuinely happening to the lives of the country's citizens. William BuistFollow me >