Will you use Ecademy when you retire?

Will you use Ecademy when you retire? Which of course begs the question: Will you retire? Being your own boss, being self employed or having your own business usually means you are fortunate enough to be doing what you enjoy. Perhaps then you don't intend to retire at all. Or perhaps you only see yourself going part-time self employed if that is possible. I joined Ecademy after some seven years of official retirement and suspect I am one of its older members. After many years of teaching, I now do some one to one coaching and occasional public speaking. Despite being more 'retired' than 'working' I find Ecademy extremely useful. I definitely want to 'stay in touch' with the contacts and friends I am making and I want to continue to learn, share and contribute something. For a while now I have been pondering Ecademy's role for retired business people, and for our role in the network. Whether you are already retired, or soon to do so, or if you are decades away, or indeed if you never plan to 'retire' I would very much like to hear your comments and ideas. As a starter for ten, I pose these questions: If you decide to stop 'working', would you still find value in using Ecademy? If so what might you use it for? What might you want to contribute? Would you still want to subscribe at your current level? And if you wouldn't find value in Ecademy as a retired professional, why not? And what changes, if any, to the network would make you want to stay a part of it at that stage of your life?Best RegardsDavidDavid PitcherSuccess CoachLIfeDesignUK.com