Women love deep. Men love often

Tomorrow Penny and I celebrate 20 years of marriage and are off for a day of pampering treatments so no tweets or blogs tomorrow folks. Well maybe one or two ;-)I have read that women love deep but not often and men love often but not deep.I was wondering what your experience is as I am definitely in the not often and deep camp and I'm a man. How about you?How many times have you fallen in love as opposed to loved someone?Apparently it takes just 4 seconds to fall in love. Is that true? This is what happened to me 1/9/1988 when I first met Pen at Bytech Peripherals Bracknell accidentally match made by Moira Craig from Aldus Software. It took me until May 5th 1989 to even get a date!Someone else told me you can't fall in love more than 3 times in your life. Surely that can't be true either. I guess a chance of once is enough for most.What say you?