Wordpress Blues- do share your thoughts?

Friday, I spent most of the morning trying to sort out my blog that has been hosted on a supplier's server.This is the second time my BLOG has been hacked. This month the Webmaster is away and I was very pleased to have the help of my friend Tina Jonasen who looked into the pages and removed the hackers page. Thankfully she understands Wordpress a bit better than I do;-) Is there no end to this lady's talents!!!Nevertheless, as I do I understand HTML I could see how the hacker added the content and got in contact with the ISP to report abuse. I have received their autoresponser message but nothing else to date.Tina and I have exchanged views and information on what to do to keep your content secure and backed up. Does anyone else have any views to share on Wordpress security? Best wishesStella Holman-TheConnector .Social Media Visibility Consultant - Can I show you how to "Get in the Conversation and Create your Niche"DO YOU NEED A HOLIDAY? We offer an entirely new way to TRAVEL. Leave your contact details and I will get back to you,.