Would you prefer assertive employees or submissive employees

I work with owners and managers and their plaintive cry is often 'why can't they (employees) just do as they are told!'And I feel their pain - they are often stressed and run ragged - trying to achieve targets that are probably impossible for shareholders who just want a return on their investment and don't much care how the profits are achieved.So I had a chuckle when I read The Outliers (Malcolm Gladwell) when he looked at research into plane crashes. (What have plane crashes got to do with submissive employees and assertive employees?) well take this little test:Place these countries in the order of following orders without question:Morocco, the Phillipines, South Korea, Mexico, Brazil?And of the following 5 countries which would you select as being the opposite, the country least likely to be hog tied by hierarchy, rules and regulations? .Ireland, USA, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa?For the answers to this conundrum - click here - and then you may think differently about having employees who question things!annSign up for our Powertools newsletter which has hot tips and tools for growing your business, and receive a FREE e-book - 378 Predictions for doing Business in 2010.Ann Andrews CSPThe Corporate Tool-boxOnline Business and Training Resources