Young Entrepreneurs Showing The Potential Of UK Youth And Digital Media

Do you wonder what the future holds for young people? On the evidence of last night some are destined for great things. I was invited to give a speech at the awards night of the MEBP Young Dragons Initiative. Young people 14-16 years old in Kent have ran their own businesses for the past 12 months under the guidance of the Medway Education Business Partnership and their schools. It was an amazing night. 6 businesses were represented by around 30 young entrepreneurs. They showed business plans and market research. They talked through how they had raised capital, issued shares and managed cash flow. This wasnt some fancy school project with no real outcomes or risks. Actual products were produced with raw materials that had to be paid for - and in numerous instances had been negotiated heavily to get a good price.

Facing Your Fears

In times where economic conditions are challenging and jobs for young people hard to come by I was blow away by their vision and the confidence with which they had gone about the work. On the night they had to stand at the front of a large auditorium and speak to around 100 people including dignaturies and business owners. There are plenty of adults who are more scared of that than they are scared of dieing!

Influence And Social Media

I gave a speech on the Importance Of Creating An Influential Online Presence Using Social Media to those in attendance. The experience that the Young Dragons will have gained from the process will serve them for the rest of their lives. If they had shared in online it would now be accesible to litteraly billions of people. They have no idea where that could lead and right now they dont need to worry about that. So long as they are building up their social capital, telling a story that adds value to others and building an engaged and influential audience their futures will look much more positive than those who are not. Are you building this for yourself? In just a couple of years you may be up against one of these young people. I hope you are ready. Because they are!The Digital Business Britain Manifesto is a drive to push and support UK businesses to make better use of digital media. It is manifesto I am supporting.Digital Business Britain ManifestoThe iniative is gaining momentum in Government, Corporate and Local business communities. As a business owner and entreprenuer it is all our responsibilities to utilise digital media effectively. We have an opportunity to use the people who know these tools best - the 16 to 24 year olds - and drive our businesses success forward. You can listen to my speech on influence and social media and view the Digitial Business Britain Manifesto, then get behind this movement.Jonnie JensenDigital Coach - Social Media Success Engineer"It's why you are doing it that makes the difference"tel: 02032862306To Be