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Passionate winelover who specialises in Italian wines and loves to bring you the stories behind the wine. Always looking for some new hidden gems from every wine country. I just love "elegance" in wines!

When tasting wine -in a more or less professional way-, there is a certain sequence to follow: 1. Looking 2. Sniffing 3. Swirling 4. Some more sniffing 5. Tasting (and -sometimes- spitting) 6. Drawing conclusions

1___LoOkInG A very warm welcome to everyone who drops by and holds my profile against a white background. Please help yourself and take a glass of wine... You can also take a look at my View Bart Van Honsté's profile on LinkedIn
"Wine makes daily living easier, less hurried, with fewer tensions and more tolerance." - Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)
2___SnIfFiNg (a sniff on how my passion for wine started + where it ended up) As a young guy, I already showed an interest in wine and drank occasionally my glass of wine (and often more). However, at that age there was a lot of terrible stuff I poured down my throat. Luckily, around the year 2000, I really got bitten by the "wine-microbe". This was caused by one person, Erik Verbert, who introduced me to the delights of the South-African wines and more specifically to the delicious wines of Meerlust. This was the start of attending a lot of tasting sessions, starting to practice my spitting techniques (something I learned very quick -but to the detriment of what was once a nice shirt- is that you should not be too close to the spitting bucket when spitting out your wine), starting to take lessons on wine and tasting, taking off for wine trips. As you can see this hobby grew out to a real passion. If you want to read more about my love for (Italian) wines and you can understand Dutch, I invite you to take a look at "Have a nice wine today!l"
"What is the definition of a good wine? It should start and end with a smile." - William Sokolin
3___SwIrLiNg Swirling or in Dutch "waltzing", nothing to do with the dance, but everything with the movement. A movement where you turn around your glass in order to get some more aromas out of your wine. A little tip for the novice: let your glass on the table, put your fingers around the foot of the glass and make a turning movement while your glass rests on the table (so much easier than swirling in mid-air). And now for the most important question: How can we swirl together?
How can I help You?
  • I am passionate about wine, so I'm happy to help you out with any wine-related question.
  • You are preparing that great dinner but just don't know which wine to serve...try me out...
  • If you're going to Antwerp (or surroundings), I will be glad to provide you with addresses of some nice restaurants and wine bars.
  • I like to practice some heavy duty small talk.
  • I like to smile, giggle, laugh.
  • Any other things that you think of and that didn't -yet- crossed my mind.
  • How can You help me?
  • If you know any persons/owners/sommeliers of restaurants, hotels, wine bars, pubs, etc. in Belgium that are interested in (Italian) wines, I would be happy if you could introduce me to them.
  • If you have any great ideas about doing a wine business, I would be glad to hear from you.
  • I'm always on the look for great new wines (with a specialization in Italian and Spanish wines), so if you tasted some great wines lately just drop me a note.
  • Our wine importing business is a start-up, so I welcome any good and constructive advice, some tips on what to do and certainly not to do, loopholes to avoid, etc.
  • We are also on the look to start a shop (Antwerp and close surroundings), so some proprerty advice is also warmly accepted.
  • I also always welcome any good business propositions.
  • Any remarks on how to improve my profile.

  • 4___SoMe MoRe SnIfFiNg (some personal stuff) Born in 1970 under the sign of aquarius, I'm married to a Spanish woman (Maria de los Angeles) and we have one beautiful daughter of 6 who -sometimes- answers to the name Aitana (on the photo she is trying to grab great grappa -watch out for the alliteration-; picture taken about 3 years ago). And a bear of a son: Miguel.
    Maria is originally from Sevilla, the southern part of Spain (Andalucia) and a place where all the typical cliches about Spain are just around the corner (flamenco, bull fighting, tapas, great paellas, sherry, heat and festivities). A highly recommendable city but try to avoid the summer months because of the terrible heat. On the other hand, in December it still can be a gentle 18 degrees and I have enjoyed many outdoor paellas in that period.
    On my night table
  • Robin Sharma, The monk who sold his Ferrari
  • Stephen King, The Dead Zone
  • Rita Emmett, The Procrastinator's Handbook
  • Peter Klosse, Het proefboek - de essentie van smaak
  • Audiobook: The hitchhikers' guide to the galaxy (made possible by Geert Van Landeghem. Thanks!)
  • Ayn Rand, The Fountainhead (recommended by Tim Mugabi)
  • Some DVD's I enjoyed watching
  • Wallace & Gromit, the curse of the were-rabbit (my daughter choose this one which was a gift at our local video store and it is a great animation movie, just imagine the work that has gone into this movie...)
  • Two for the money (Al Pacino is doing it again! Just a quote:"You know, the best part of the best drug in the world isn't the high. It's the moment just before you take it. The dice are dancing on the table. Between now and the time they stop, that's the greatest high in the world."
  • Lord of War (with Nicolas Cage in fine form and an incredible intro that shows the -politically incorrect- life of a bullet)
  • Sideways (the ultimate winemovie with quotes that are already inmortal under winelovers such as "No, if anyone orders Merlot, I'm leaving. I am NOT drinking any f*****g Merlot!").
  • Have a nice wine today!
    "What is the definition of a good wine? It should start and end with a smile." - William Sokolin