Ben Afia




Does your company's writing work? Ben will tell you. Starting out in marketing and sales is a bit unusual for a writer, but it means he knows how language can get real, measurable results. Ben knows that a tone of voice is about more than a stack of dry, flaky guidelines - it's about encouraging your people to use it. He'll find ways to fire them up about writing, from the board to the floor. And he's been turning employees into writers for the last six years, since he developed Boots' tone of voice and took on the corporate culture to spread it into hundreds of stores. Since then, he's cut his own path, scouring the country for a team of expert writers and trainers who share his vision of clear, intuitive business writing that builds relationships with customers and puts value on your bottom line. Ben's also a co-founder and director of 26 - - an organisation that's changing the way business thinks about language Specialties: branding and verbal identity, writing, writing training, marketing communications