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"Exceptional Care for Your Valued Client raises the bar when it comes to current thinking and ideals regarding customer service. With just one read-through it will shift your paradigms in a way that will proactively position you and your business for success." Ivan Misner, NY Times Bestselling author and Founder of BNI and Referral Institute
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The pictures in the slide show are examples of "(K)notty Word" messages. (The "Remember your Bag" message is a good one.) These are the kind of messages I help re-frame with my Articulation Proofing process. If you remove words like "not, don't, can't, won't, wouldn't, couldn't, shouldn't" from your message and replace them with empowering words like "do, can, will, would, could", you will have an enhanced more empowering message. Give it a go! Check out Articulation Proofing
Communication is at the core of every personal moment, experience, transaction and interaction. Whether you are engaged in self-talk or presenting to a large audience, your word choices will have a significant impact on the results you achieve; and help you create a culture of confidence. Remember the Ice is an easy to learn, yet comprehensive empowering word choice program that teaches you to enhance your communication skills with family members, friends, clients, co-workers — anyone who is important to you. It helps you stay focused on your task and accomplish your goals because you are conveying your message, and articulating your thoughts in a clear, precise manner. You eliminate confusion and gain confidence in your message and ultimately attract more of what you want.
 Bob Nicoll in Roquefixade in the south of France. Bob Nicoll in the town square, in the center of Mirepoix, FranceBob Nicoll with, on the left Cornelis, Peter behind me and to the right we have Hans and Hans during my visit to Holland
Welcome to my profile and thank you for taking a moment to learn a little bit about my interests. For seven weeks, from May to mid June 2009, I experienced an extraordinary European trip where I had the opportunity to share the story of Remember the Ice and Other Paradigm Shifts. The picture top left is me in Roquefixade in the south of France with the Pyrenees in the background. In the center photo, I am in the town square, in the center of Mirepoix, France. I was hosted by Christophe Poizat, CEO of the International Network of Social Entrepreneurs (INSE) and had a great time. I was pinching myself . . . to see if this incredible trip was really happening to me. Indeed it was. Wonderful memories are captured in this picture of me with on the left Cornelis, Peter behind me and to the right we have got Hans and Hans during my visit to Holland on my European trip.

Remember the Ice and Other Paradigm Shifts

Here is the Story about Remember the Ice..... don't forget the ice imageIn a convenience store on Northern Avenue in Phoenix, AZ, the manager had placed a couple of signs above his cash registers. His intention was to encourage his patrons to buy more ice during the hot desert summer. I lived across the street from this store and came to know him. Rick was working one day as I made a purchase. This time I paused and asked him how his ice sales were going. Perhaps you might think this a strange question. Alas, I am intrigued by words and their juxtapositions as well as the outcomes of behavior. You see, the signs above the cash registers read: DON'T FORGET THE ICE. I asked Rick how sales were going. His reply was less than favorable. I paused and asked if I could make a suggestion. I mean, after all, this was Phoenix - in the desert - in the middle of the summer. (110+ degrees in the shade) "Rick, do you have a couple of pieces of paper and a magic marker?" I inquired. He gave me the items and I quickly made two new signs for him. The new signs were: REMEMBER THE ICE!!! I left with a knowing smile and purposely stayed away for about four to five weeks. When I did go back to the store I spoke with Rick about his recent ice sales. "I have had a 500% increase in ice sales in the last month. Sales are great!! How did you do that?!?" I smiled and explained what I had done, by using a simple question. "If I say to you: Don't think of the color blue. What color are you thinking of?" remember the ice image"Why blue of course" he replied. "Of course." Now if I say "don't forget the ice", what will you forget? "Hmmm...the ice."

Remember the Ice is about, helping you attract the life you want through empowering word choice. I am in a constant mode of re-framing and translating the comments, signs, commercials, messages, emails, website content, conversations; basically any spoken and written word. I shift messages that contain dis-empowering words or "(k)notty words" to ones that are more empowering. For example, the most popular one that is attached to me is changing "don't forget the ice" to "Remember the Ice".

don't forget the ice packet image"(K)notty Words" Click here to see signs that contain any of the "(k)notty words". The main ones: Not, Don't, Can't, Won't, Wouldn't, Couldn't, Shouldn't. Any form of NOT, as well as "TRY & BUT."

Remember the Ice has created many success stories. I would like to share the success story of fellow Ecademist Cornelis de Maijer.

Empowering word choice set the sails for this business. In October 2008, I met Cornelis de Maijer from Hoogland, The Netherlands. He is the managing partner for a luxury sailing yacht company catering to those desiring a posh and pampered cruise on the Mediterranean Sea. You really experience "Absolute Freedom" explains Cornelis. He is also a BlackStar member of the social/business networking website: Ecademy and was using the search mechanism to find a fellow member with a background in: "Positive Word Choice". Lo and behold, there was a direct match when he typed the key words into the search window. Yours truly matched the request, and Cornelis read my profile here on Ecademy. In a Skype conversation a few days after first reading my profile, Cornelis said, "Bob, Remember the Ice is such a simple, yet powerful concept to help me with my word choice." "In my previous content on my website, I had some poisonous words," he said. He was using (k)notty words in his content. Specifically, he had this statement: Don't forget to book early. One simple sentence with a misguided message had a profound impact on his bookings through the years. He was gaining a modest 12-15% increase in bookings for his sailing yachts off the Turkish coast. The same dis-empowering words were on his brochure as well. Ecademist Cornelis De Majier. Flaka logo and yacht"Remember to book early, and experience the difference!" You can learn more about his cruises at: Flaka Cruising This season marks number 14 for Cornelis in the sailing yacht business, and it has become his most productive. As of mid July, his increase in bookings has topped 165% AND he has already secured 20 bookings for 2010. read more of this story here on my website...
More About Bob
Born in Boston, right down the road from Fenway Pahk, I have been a "die haahd" Sox fan from birth. Our family lived in Westwood, a little town about 20 miles southwest of Boston. I have an older brother and younger sister. He lives in Phoenix, AZ and she lives in Salmon, ID. Some of my favorite memories include many sporting events. Growing up around Boston, I was afforded the opportunity to attend Red Sox games at the idyllic Fenway Pahk, Celtics and Bruins games in the fabled "Gahden" (Boston Garden) and even the early Patriot games. Sports have been a major part of my life. I also saw world record performances at the famous B.A.A. Indoor Track & Field Games, and grew up watching the Boston Marathon. Later on I would run in it twice, (1969 and 1971) long before it became the large spectacle it is today. After graduating from high school in 1968, I attended Davis & Elkins College in Elkins, WV earning my Bachelor of Science in Psychology in1972 and then my Master of Arts from West Virginia University in 1974. While at Davis & Elkins College, I was a member of the NAIA National Soccer Championship Team of 1970, and runner-up in 1969 and 1971. We had also won the National Championship in 1968 as well. We had a very nice run. At WVU, I was introduced to many counseling theories. Our curriculum was a comprehensive one. I was really drawn to the Cognitive approach of Rational Therapy developed by Dr. Albert Ellis. After graduating in '74, I was introduced to Dr. Maxie C. Maultsby, Jr. He expanded Ellis' concepts and developed Rational Behavior Therapy. I gained my certification in RBT in 1975 and have been enamored with the Cognitive Behavior Therapy ever since. Bob Nicoll leaning against a large glass of iceIn 1987 I was introduced to Unlimited Power, the national bestseller by Tony Robbins. By 1991, I was working with him and training with him. I had the pleasure of being in his Certification Class in '91 when he finished his 2nd best seller: Awaken The Giant Within. When I returned to Phoenix, AZ, I began to look for ways to apply my new knowledge. I began to really focus on empowering word choice. On July 23, 1991 @ 10:07AM, I developed: Remember the Ice Click here for an excerpt of the first chapter of Remember the Ice and Other Paradigm Shifts Please go to to learn more about Bob.


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