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I am a life coach in Bedfordshire and I help people find the time to be creative or get their personal projects off the ground. Particularly I enjoy working with people to excavate their long lost goals and aspirations, dust them off and then resuscitate them. I help my clients find a realistic pathway to achieve these goals starting from where they are at in life right now. One area of interest in my business is working with creative people who are not currently being creative - and want to be. As well as personal coaching I present talks and workshops on various themes around leading the life you want to lead. Please check out my website for more information - It is possible to lead the life we really dream of leading, providing that we have the courage to stick with the journey. Having transformed my life from being a reluctant chartered accountant to one combining both business and creative ventures I believe that my strongest asset as a coach is that I really do walk my own talk. Although I started off life as a music graduate, on leaving university I took a job as a Chartered Accountant. I then worked in the City, as a consultant and more recently as an IT professional. Although I was earning lots of money and had a fabulous lifestyle I was incredibly bored and unfulfilled. In 1999, thankfully I came across someone who encouraged me to start writing. There began a creative journey which saw me working part-time in IT whilst writing a romantic comedy called "Tales of the Countess". I have jokingly called myself the Countess of Kennington for many years and the book is about a fictional modern day Countess who is a successful international businesswoman but who is not quite so successful in her love life. I'm therefore no stranger to juggling creative tasks alongside business responsibilities. As part of my creative journey I attended many of what I call "sort your life out" seminars, talks and workshops. I learned many useful things from them and the overriding message that I got from each one is that I too wanted to stand in front of an audience and inspire people to achieve their dreams. I am particularly influenced by the work of Nick Williams and Jim Rohn. In 2003 I did a prototype Lead The Life You Want To Lead talk but it wasn't until 2005 that things really started to happen. My long term IT contract came to an end I had a 'now or never' feeling that it was time to take the plunge. I had no idea how I was going to achieve my goal but I knew it was time to start. In July of that year I trained as a life coach and within a few months I had paying clients. If you are stuck in a day job that you can't afford to give up, but you know that there has to be more to life then you might find my book very useful. It is called Don't Give Up Your Day Job - practical ways to lead a fulfilling life and still pay the mortgage. Outside of work I like to cook, play the piano, meet friends and spend time with my lovely husband, Graham.


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