Calum Brannan




Uniquely placed, Calum Brannan is a young technology entrepreneur concentrating on cross-platform social media, SAAS (Software as a service) and delivering traditional services with the right balance of emerging and/or proven tech, ultimately to solve age old business challenges. Why am I here? I'm looking to expand my networks to support my current and future business interests. I love meeting new people and helping others achieve their goals. View Calum Brannan's profile on LinkedIn Background & Experience * Created at the age of 15. PPLparty experienced massive growth and popularity. Calum grew the user base on a marketing budget of £0 to way over 400,000 users and successfully exited in 2007. * Calum then shaped the social networking functionality at Trutap (Started by Doug Richard, famed for his appearances in BBC2's Dragon's Den). At Trutap Calum was the 2nd team member into the London office after the CTO. * Currently working with small businesses to introduce technology solutions such as text message reminders to ensure their customers turn up. Calum and his team have the inside angle on the evolution & future of social media/networking. His clients include house-hold names, 'AAA' PLCs, charities and government organisations. He is regularly involved in roundtable discussions and consultancy with leading CTO's, marketing directors, CLO's and CEO's from a range of companies including Vodafone, BT, eBay, Bebo, Simon & Schuster, AGA, Lighterlife, Christian Vision, Yahoo and Glam Media to name but a few. Recognition and Publicity Recognition and awards include being named by the IOD's Director magazine as their youngest ever "Director of the month". Revolution Magazine also crowned Calum as a trailblazer for his first company His ventures have achieved full pages in major publications such as the Financial Times, The Guardian, The Observer, The Sunday Times, The Times, New Media Age, Revolution Magazine, City AM and the Birmingham Post. When Calum isn't working he loves traveling, spending time with his friends and family and even the odd cider on a sunny afternoon. Get in touch! Calum is available for consultancy, speaking, drinks and writing. Or try the following links: On Twitter Business Scene Profile Calum on LinkedIn Calum's Xing