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Website Makeover Workshop Launches the Authority Site to Assist Authors and Writers to Take Control of Their Literary Success Online Website Makeover Workshop: Empowering Authors and Writers with Online Book Marketing through Free Articles, Videos, and Writers' Resources ATLANTA (October 31, 2008): It was reported in June, 2007 by that approximately 100,000 websites are added to the internet every day. The competition on the internet is fierce, and every author must remove any road blocks that may be causing them disparaging results online with their websites. Author and website makeover trainer C.F. Jackson launched Website Makeover Workshop with the purpose of helping fellow authors and writers achieve greater results online. In 2005, C.F. Jackson learned for herself that a website needs the keys to success, including more than a book cover, book excerpt, and a "please sign my guest book" section. With all the information gathered over a five-year timeframe, Ms. Jackson offers applicable and practical techniques and strategies for any author or writer to easily implement. No one has to be a web design guru to create an effective web presence. Since the launching of Website Makeover Workshop, the success of many authors has been very rewarding. One of the successes is shared by author Savannah J. Once implementing a few of the strategies from Website Makeover Workshop, Savannah J. says, "Since then I have had some visitors who've come to my website, signed my guest book, and told me how informative they now find my website. And how exciting it was to be able to read the excerpt on the front page, and because of that they decided to buy the book." Website Makeover Workshop is designed to provide resources, tools, and workshops to meet the needs of any author or writer. The launching of the Website Makeover Workshop Authority Site provides a central location to gain knowledge to help with booking marketing and learning how to sell books on the internet. Website Makeover Workshop offers free: - Articles - Book Marketing Online: "How-To" Videos - Writers' Resources - Website Design: Tutorials Website Makeover Workshop's mission is to help authors and writers put the pieces together to achieve online success. ============== About The Author ============== C.F. Jackson, author and website makeover trainer, offers a free, downloadable Website Makeover 101 Session at Ms. Jackson has been interviewed on Authors Speak Out, Urban Literary Review, Millionaire Blue Print Now, and Atlanta's WVEE (V-103) radio shows, to name a few