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Who I am I live just outside of Brighton down on the South coast on the edge of the South Downs - so I like to take a break during the day and get out for a walk or jog.

I volunteer with a couple of local conservation groups - doing anything from scrub clearance, repairing fences, building gates and surveying. It's a good way to keep fit and be outdoors.

How Can I Help?

"The greatest saving of all is better utilisation of our time. This directly affects practically every phase of the business in terms of expense and profits." Leo Burnett

A good place to start is by taking a look at the book for time tips, strategies and ideas to get you focused and back on track. #2 on Amazon in Business/Time Management Buy a copy of Time Management For Dummies. "This is quite possibly the best and most useful book on time management I have ever read." 

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Call me and book a FREE Strategy Session a 30-minute session to look at where you are and where you'd like to be.

- Get a sounding board for new ideas.
- Increase your motivation. 
- Create a 'next-step' action plan.

There are only a limited number available each month. Contact me to check availability and to book your session. Talk to me via Skype, your landline or mobile phone.

"Clare identified two key - yet simple - ways in which I could analyse how I was spending my time, and whether or not I was spending it effectively. I then re-organised my day into "business" and "domestic" zones as obvious improvements leapt from the page, and immediately saved an amazing hour and a half per day. I now feel like I'm running a whole different business - one I enjoy - but better than that, I can spend more time with my children enjoying them, rather than having one eye on my email and worrying that I should really be working. Her no-nonsense, impartial advice has reduced my stress levels beyond belief."

I also work as a Business Mentor for the Prince's Trust, helping young people start up their own business, offering guidance and encouragement to help them succeed.

Clare Evans - Time Management & Productivity Coach
Tel: +44 (0)1273 588297 Mobile: +44 07887 954512


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