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who is clive sweetinghamwho is clive sweetingham?
I set up The Paragon Practice almost 18 years ago now after a successful career
in the high technology electronics manufacturing industry, culminating in a directorship of a leading plc that designed and manufactured sophisticated sound and video mixing consoles for the broadcast and film industry. I have also been a Director of my own company that specialised in fitting out outside broadcast vehicles for the BBC. I am educated to degree level in electrical and electronic engineering.

Prior to that I worked for the British Antarctic Survey as an Ionosphericist, spending two years continuous service at the most southerly British scientific base, Halley Bay, on the Filchner ice shelf in Antarctica.

My early career started with the Lister Institute of Preventive Medicine where I enjoyed developing electronic equipment used in the fractionation and purification of human blood products. Consequent to that, I held senior positions in the medical equipment manufacturing sector, and was involved with the development of the early MRI body scanners.

During what I call my "normal" career, I encountered the need for adopting formal quality management systems, including the then BS5750 (now ISO 9000), and was disillusioned with the calibre of "consultants" available for professional advice and assistance. It was when I became tired of effectively working for the stock market, and wanting to be master of my own destiny, that I decided to become a freelance business consultant, determined to provide honest, practical and effective specialist assistance to the business community. Initially concentrating on quality management systems, my portfolio of services has now developed into a broad range of specialist disciplines. See section "What is The Paragon Practice".

Who is Clive the person? In business and in my personal pursuits, I always strive to achieve 100%. For my sins, I am a perfectionist. This sometimes can border on obsessive, which is not always good for me or my business!! Clients certainly get more than their pound of flesh that's for sure. Let's say I am thorough then, with an eye for detail and a determination to do things right. Near enough not good enough for me. Probably why my pretty poor golf handicap infuriates me so! I have an enquiring mind .. I need to know how things work .. I want to get to the bottom of problems .. call it root cause analysis if you like!

I have a passionate interest for all things engineering, with a particular interest in the life and achievement of the those prominent in the Industrial Revolution, through to the golden shipbuilding age in the early decades of the twentieth Century. Bit of an anorak on that one and have a huge collection of vintage postcards and books relating to First World War submarines and battleships. Also the ships of Cunard and White Star Line. This may have something to do with the fact that firstly, I was born in Southampton, and also that all the the male Sweetingham line back to 1700 were in the Royal Navy or connected with shipbuilding and the sea. After leaving the Navy, my Father concluded his working life as a Customs Officer at Southampton. I love the sea. Don't get me on to my hero Admiral Lord Nelson or the Battle of Trafalgar ... we will be here for ages!!

I am an active Committee Member of the Local Sea Cadet Unit and involved with fundraising for this very worthwhile charity that gives kids the opportunity to develop lifelong skills that can help them become rounded members of the community.

I am a member of the Chartered Institute of Waste Management, and a qualified quality/environmental auditor. I am computer literature and Photoshop power user. I use Dreamweaver for my web sites.

I have a sense of humour (need to have with three teenage Daughters). I have a wonderful partner, and we both enjoy good food and good wine, along with many and varied other interests. She thinks I could write the script for the TV programme "Grumpy Old Men" ... huh, don't know what she means by that!


That's enough about me for now ...........



what is the paragon practicewhat is the paragon practice?

The Paragon Practice provides professional experienced business support that includes:

Management Systems Development
ISO 9001 Quality Management ++ ISO 14001/BS 8555 Environmental Management ++ OHSAS 18001 Health & Safety Management ++ PAS 99 Integrated Management Systems ++ BS 25999 Business Continuity Management ++ ISO/IEC 27001 (BS 7799) Information Security Management

Management Systems Support
Internal auditing ++ Supplier/sub-contractor auditing ++ Management Representative duties ++ Awareness training ++ Implementation training ++ Audit training ++ Document control ++ CRM

Environmental& Waste Management
Regulatory compliance assurance ++ Environmental assessments ++ Waste minimisation studies ++ Recycling potential studies ++ Cradle to grave analysis Waste Permitting application ++ Pollution control measures ++ Waste disposal solutions

Road Haulage & Transportation
Road traffic legislation ++ PSV/PCV licensing ++ Fleet management systems ++ Management of vehicle workshops

Local Authorities
Contracts, SLA's and tender preparation ++ Charter Mark ++ Enviro crime enforcement policies & procedures ++ Best Value

Security Systems & Services Consultancy
NSI Approval (National Security Inspectorate) ++ SIA Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) ++ BS 7858 Security Screening ++ BS 7960 Door Supervision ++ BS 7984 Key Holding & Response Services ++ BS 7499 Static Site Guarding & Mobile Patrol ++ BS 7958 CCTV Management & Operation ++ BS 5979 Remote Centres Receiving Security Signals ++ PD 6662 European Standards for Intruder Alarms

The Paragon Practice works in a wide range of business sectors with particular expertise in the following:

Waste Management
Landfill sites ++ Transfer stations ++ Household waste recycling centres ++ Materials Recycling Facilities (MRF) ++ Hazardous and non-hazardous waste management, treatment & disposal ++ ELV's ++ Confidential waste destruction ++ Skip hire ++ Clinical waste ++ Bulk waste transportation ++ Tankerage

Haulage & Transport
++ General haulage (including HGV) ++ Solid & liquid waste transportation (including ADR) ++ Passenger carrying transport (taxis & buses) ++ Private hire transport

Llocal Authority
Highways ++ Public lighting ++ Grounds maintenance ++ Street cleansing (including BVPI inspection) ++ Gully cleansing ++ Sewers maintenance ++ Refuse collection ++Vehicle maintenance/repair ++ Enforcement ++ Abandoned Vehicles ++ CCTV monitoring ++ Security services

Intruder alarm systems ++ Access control systems ++ CCTV systems ++ CCTV & alarm receiving control rooms ++ Static man guarding ++ Door supervision ++ Key holding & alarm response ++ Mobile patrolling

Manufacturing ++ High technology engineering/electronics ++ Warehousing/distribution ++ Medical




how can clive sweetingham help youhow can I help you?


"We are committed to ensuring we understand our clients' needs and expectations in order to provide professional, innovative, and cost effective solutions to the complex demands facing modern business"

The Paragon Practice has had a long working realtionship with the vast majority of its clients, many for over ten years. These relationships are of extreme importance and we are generally regarded as an extension to their workforce. We believe we achieve this through a mixture of loyalty, commitment and exceeding the project expectations. We are flexible and adaptable, and will take on virtually anything we are asked to carry out within our capabilities.

We are more that happy to visit any new prospective client to discuss their needs, completely without obligation or charge. Although we know there are other similar organisations out there that will be able to seemingly offer cheaper services, weI can assure cost effective solutions and services for the highest quality work. We very much like to cultivate long term realtionships. No off the shelf cut and paste word processed documents from us we are proud to say. We like to get under the skin of the people we work with, from shop floor to CEO's. We are necessarily able to communicate effectively at all levels, and roll our sleeves up where it is warranted.

Because of our extensive business background in many business sectors, we have the ability to absorb the workings of our clients' businesses very quickly .. we have a short learning curve. This means you are not spending money needlessly whilst we understand the task in hand.

So we can help you and your business effectively achieve and master your visions and needs by providing a dependable portfolio of specialist services in which you can have confidence that they will deliver above your expecations.

If you want .....

+ Better management control over you business activities and processes
+ Accredited certification to recognised International Standards
+ Integration of current management systems
+ A fresh look at internal auditing
+ To establish the environmental aspects of your business activities
+ Reduce their impacts
+ Understanding of environmental regulatory requirements
+ Environmental permits
+ Waste minimisation/recycling/disposal solutions

and/or, you identify with any of the following ....

+ ISO 9000/14000 internal auditing taking up too much time and resources
+ Always playing catch up with the audit plan

+ Believe it as an ineffective exercise carried out just to satisfy Certification Bodies
+ Can't see any commercial benefit to your processes or business
+ Want measureable continuous improvement
+ Fed up of headless chickens panicking the day before Certification Body surveillence visits
+ Too much paperwork

.... or, require guidance, advice or review of any of your business processes ....



how can you help clive sweetinghamhow can you help me?
I welcome the opportunity to be introduced to fellow eacademists and their contacts who may have issues that I may be able to assist with. I am used to dealing with Directors of multinational organisations, with proprietors of SME's, and with sole proprietors. As previously mentioned, I am more than happy to meet for informal discussions or initial meetings completely without obligation or charge. Most of my clients are quite some distance from my base in Stratford-upon-Avon, so distance is not an issue.


Please e-mail me, or call me.
You have nothing to lose and are likely to have lots to gain





what else can I tell you about clive sweetinghamwhat else can I tell you?

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I have been researching my family history for some time, and now have started on the long process of creating a website to catalogue the information. Most of my paternal ancestors served in Her Majesty's Royal Navy and I hope to include much of the naval history, ships etc., connected with my family, on the site. There is an awful lot yet to do, but please feel free to have a look at what I have achieved so far. Just click on the graphic below ......

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