Colin Flynn




Thanks for taking an interest in my profile I have had 33 years in telecommunications, 18 in corporate life as an engineer originally and then in sales and strategy working with some of the largest corporates in the world. I have worked for BT, Mercury, TMI and CA with a break once to go backpacking across Africa which is a whole other interesting story. I was a Co- founder of European Telecommunications and Technology (ETT) in 1998 which was a successful managed services company which was sold in 2006 and integrated into a new global services company called GTT. In 2005 I jointly set up a business in London called Urban Wimax which provides services across the city and in which I am still a shareholder.

I have been searching for an ecademy for some time as I do not believe that the corporate model of business is sustainable or desirable in the long term and there is a need to find new ways of generating profit which is honest, socially resposible and more focused around communities and the way people want to live their lives. That's not to say there is anything wrong with making money, far from it. Just that the real creativity and growth for the future is unlikely to be nurtured in a corporate form. Ecademy is the most advanced and well formed networking tool I have encountered. This is because it is underpinned by a passion and belief in something more than shareholders returns and unsustainable growth. If you want to really understand the drive and meaning of ecademy take the time to read Thomas Power's profile. Here is a brief extract "The founding directors see this crusade as their social responsibility to the commercial world. Re-creating local social capital at city level is critical to re-juvernating business that has lost sight of the need for civic engagement. In other words people have forgotten how to connect and talk without a vested interest. This is often now called an individual's "Psychological Sovereignty". In actual fact Ecademy is the return of the Guilds on which most cities were built albeit an electronic Guild. We are electronically re-connecting to our past. What we are doing is nothing new or plus ca change as the french would say."
Personally I love music, family (wife Sandra, Sophie and Ashley), great wine with company, mountains, not being a tourist, remembering when I could play the guitar, watching selfish people lose, laughing, cooking and having time to see simple things. I have a profile thingy I am still trying to fully understand (apparantly stars have a short attention span!) Favourite Quotes "In life there are no victories or defeats, only consequences" "It takes a lot of money to lead a simple life" "A sale takes place when there is an exchange of enthusiasm"