1st Line Support

Owned by Jon Tucker

Computer , Network Support and Web SEO

Website Url: http://www.1ls.co.uk
Email: ecademy.sourced@jtucker.co.uk
Phone: 07812 587233

100 Southbourne Road Bournemouth, BH6 3QQ Dorset


Computer Support and maintenance for any computer is a must to help prolong it running as a useful tool. This is where we can help, wit 28 years experience in the support environment on a world-wide basis and always leading the way ahead with the latest technologies to hand. Microsoft Partner, Mandriva Linux Partner and Apple specialist. We can remotely connect to your machine and make your machine run better, as it used too, when you first got it and didn't appreciate the speed. 1st Line Support If you have a well designed website and it just not getting noticed, then try our Web Dressing. We can help it more attractive to Google, Bing and Yahoo. Otherwise known as SEO, Bring your keywords in to there full use, to attract custom.


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