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Compromise Agreement - How Much Should I Pay?

Compromise Agreement - How Much Should I Pay?

How much should I pay for my legal advice?

You can pay from nothing all the way up to thousands of pounds depending on your circumstances.

  • At the bottom end you can risk paying a few pounds for Word template.
  • You can use an automated template from about £100 - £250.
  • To meet in person with a lawyer to discuss your situation will cost at least £500 to £1000.
  • For complex cases it would be prudent to negotiate fee rates before starting.

How much should I pay to my employee's advisor?

Employers usually pay £250 - £500 to the employee's legal advisor.

How much should I pay to my employee?

Please see also our tips on tax issues and negotiations.

Given that the main objective of signing a Compromise Agreement is to avoid entanglement with the Employment Tribunal system, it is prudent to be, or at least to appear to be, verging on the generous.

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Thu 24th Jan 2013
England and Wales
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