Stop Smoking Today With Hypnosis

Stop Smoking Today With Hypnosis Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy Works says Celebrity Hypnotherapy Expert Would you like to stop smoking- but don't believe that you can? Would you love nothing more to be able to easily stop smoking but just not sure if its possible, do cravings seem to take over? Maybe you are worried about gaining weight as often people become concerned that they may not stay the same weight if they stop smoking? Have you tried many different approaches and nothing seems to work OR it works for just a small while and then you start smoking againÂ…read on to find out about how our "stop smoking the personalised way" is different to many other approaches Why our "stop smoking the personalised way" Imagine having a programme tailored to your needs, that worked with your own personal motivations and reasons for wanting to stop smoking, even the length of the session and how the session works will be tailored just to you, imagine how great it would feel to have more energy, breath like you have never breathed before, you feel well, motivated, the cravings have stopped and you have totally forgotten about smoking for months now as you have so many more and better ways to spend your time, you can get up and down the stairs without wheezing and enjoy play time with the children whereas before you may not have had the energy may even want to join the gym and start some excersing tooÂ… plus you have all this extra money spare now to spend on anything you wish! What is our "stop smoking the personalised way" Our programme is very different for many reasons, as soon as you book your sessions you will have contact with Claire who will have a consultation with you about your reasons and motivations for wanting to stop smoking which means that she can start to work with you before the session even starts and then tailor the type and length of session that best suits your needs. By using an eclectic and unique mixture of transformational and personal change techniques including NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy R and more ancient techniques from the sacred teachings of Ancient Hawaiian Huna, Reiki and Shamanism you will be able to unlock any causes for you smoking so as they can be resolved, meaning you are able to shift the energy and focus that once went with the behaviours of smoking for other behaviours far better for your health and wellbeing, working with your own personal desire to change and total ability to do so. You will start with your first consultation with Claire and then from this she will know how long your first session will need to be to assist you in getting the result, the support before this session and then 2 follow up sessions is all included in the price meaning you get excellent value for money How does our "stop smoking the personalised way" work? Have you ever attempted to "think" your way out of behaviour, habit or something you wanted to changeÂ…how did that go? Maybe it went well with sheer will power and mental force and maybe as soon as your mind wondered onto something else the behaviour was backÂ…why is this you may ask - well the mind that we think with works differently to the mind that generates out habits and behaviours and this is also the mind responsible for all change - our Unconscious Mind. By working with your Unconscious Mind we can unlock and resolve any reasons for smoking, tap into natural will power and shift your focus and motivation towards different, new and energising behaviours, so you can start to be the change you always thought about - you can start to breath freely, feel energised and fill your time with new activities that once you maybe weren't able to for a number of reasons. After the first sessions you will have follow-ups and also regular support to track your progress and see how you are doing! What if you could stop smoking now? You could start to feel lighter and energised, you can run around with your children and grandchildren without getting wheezy and tired, you may even feel like a new start in life and go to the gym, how you start to act out your day starts to change as you find new ways to spend your time when you wake up, after a meal, in the car, you have more time and more money at your disposal and you feel motivated with a new focus and outlook in life and you can breathe more easily and sleep peacefully at night knowing you have taken a fantastic step towards having your own great health and wellbeing! If you would like a free telephone consultation or free advice then phone me now on 0151 678 3358 or 07714 853 524 E-mail - Visit our stop smoking hypnotherapy website for more details
Wed 23rd Jan 2013
Cheshire, UK
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