We can help with Anger Problems

We can help with Anger Problems ANGER MANAGEMENT THERAPY Do you find that you are often getting angry or extremely frustrated at the slightest thing? Are you often finding yourself wound up and in arguments with people and when you calm down you have no idea why you got so wound up? Is anger causing you problems in your relationships and when dealing with your children? If you are having anger problems then I would recommend you book onto my BREAKTHROUGH AND PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT COACHING PROGRAMME as within this sits my BREAKTHOUGH SESSION which enables you to be free of pent up anger and frustrations, the need for you to have to "manage" your anger disappears and you will find yourself in a place of peace and calm and once you realise who you are without the anger then you realise what is truly possible for you and you will want to ripple out this change into all areas of your life, hence my ongoing PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT COACHING PROGRAMME which gives you the structure to completely change your life now you have completely changed yourself! CONTACT ME NOW ON 0151 678 3358 OR 07714 853 524 ME FOR A FREE ONE HOUR TASTER SESSION ON ANGER MANAGEMENT OR ANY OF MY SERVICES or visit my website by pressing here
Thu 24th Jan 2013
Cheshire, UK
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