Have you written a book? Do you want to help other new authors?

Have you written a book? Do you want to help other new authors? The Challenge Writing a book is a challenging yet very rewarding achievement. If you have written a book, you know what it takes to do it and do it well. Most people who intend to write a book never even start. Most people who start never finish. And most people who do finish their book don't end up with the best possible book. Enter The Book Midwife®. For nearly ten years, I have been helping people write and publish great books quickly. Over 300 people have started, finished and published their books with this unique and proven methodology. The Book Midwife® brand is known across the UK and globally as a premier book coaching process, especially amongst business and personal development authors. As founder of The Book Midwife®, I am often inundated with requests from aspiring authors and my private client list is often full. The Opportunity So, I have decided to train a handful of people in The Book Midwife® methodology, and they will become Licensed Practitioners of the process. There is a huge demand for this service and I am willing to teach new coaches and consultants everything I know, so they can be successful helping aspiring authors fulfil their dreams. I'm looking for coaches or consultants who have an interest in becoming a Book Midwife® Consultant, as well as time to work with at least one or two clients per month. Ideally, you should have written a full-length book because new clients are probably going to ask you 'What have you written?' However, as people sometimes say, you don't necessarily have to have done something yourself to coach others to do it. Top athletes' coaches often never reached the top positions themselves, but they are great at getting the best out of their clients. For this opportunity, you should have a strong interest in books and as a minimum you should have written articles, blogs and possibly other longer works. How much does it cost? A good question! The training and certification is £1995 +VAT (about $3000) and then there is a monthly fee of £275 +VAT (about $400) to cover maintenance, support from me, new materials, further training and marketing programs. I have purposely kept the investment as low as possible, to enable good coaches and consultants to get involved without taking a big financial risk. Unlike other license or franchise schemes, we will not be taking any percentage of your client revenues; you are free to keep everything you earn. How much can you earn? Another good question! Working with just two or three clients at a time, you could earn an extra £30,000 ($50,000) per year. The Book Midwife programs typically run for 90 days and the figure I quoted assumes one new client per month, or 12 per year. I get on average 50-60 enquiries each month and this number continues to grow. I definitely can't handle that number on my own. We are really looking forward to sharing leads with our licensed consultants! Do you want to get involved? The first step is to take a look at our website and then get in touch with me by PM here on Ecademy or by email (mindy@bookmidwife.com). New training dates will be available soon and I will only be training a small number of people. I would love to have you in the team and I look forward to chatting with you more about this exciting opportunity. All the best, Mindy
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Thu 24th Jan 2013
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