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London Colocation - 0.5 Amps 10 Mbps

London Colocation - 0.5 Amps 10 Mbps London Colocation - 0.5 Amps 10 Mbps UnitColo provides server colocation services for small businesses, developers and hobbyists. Our packages are fairly priced, we charge based on the amount of power used. For more information please visit: colocationinlondon.com London Colocation, 10 Mbps bandwidth, 0.5 Amps power
  • 0.5 Amps power - metered and monitored in realtime
  • 10 Mbps CDR bandwidth - roughly 3000 Gb data transfer per month
  • 2x 100 Mbps switch ports on diverse switches
  • Full 100 Mbps burst
  • 3 IP addresses on private VLAN (/29)
  • 1 x PDU power port with monitoring and remote reboot
  • 1 x Serial access console server port
  • 1 x Out of band connection, either ethernet or serial
  • Price shown is the price you pay
  • Rackspace as required - we only ask that your server is in a rackmount case
  • GBP 50.00 /setup GBP 70.00 /month Our pricing is simple and straightforward. We bill at £14 per 0.1 Amps per month. Your server is metered and constantly monitored. If your servers uses 0.3 Amps, we bill £42 for that month. Contact Phone: +44 (0)207 043 7543 Email: sales@unitcolo.com For more information please visit: london-colocation.info
    Thu 24th Jan 2013
    London, UK
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