We'll Reveal the Best Day of the Week to Sell Seminar Tickets

We'll Reveal the Best Day of the Week to Sell Seminar Tickets
Attention Business Owners, Consultants, Coaches and Professionals

"Seminars are probably the single most effective sales tool you can use to find multiple new customers" Discover How Professional Seminar Hosts Plan, Prepare and Present Powerful Seminars and Workshops - and Learn Our Proven Step-by-Step System to Pack Out Your Events at Philip Calvert's acclaimed 'Seminar on Seminars' and Networking Event.
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Main Workshop: Thursday 14th May 2009 NEW Intensive Workshop: Friday 15th May 2009
Every week I talk to business owners who use seminars and workshops as part of their marketing and sales communications. When I ask what problems they face when putting on seminars and workshops, 97% tell me that "getting bums on seats" is their biggest challenge. What most don't realise is that there's a formula and a step-by-step process for getting a full house. And when you know it and follow it, you'll wish you'd discovered it twenty years ago. I run my own seminars almost every month, and they all fill up - every time. What's more, they're not just customers on seats - they're paying customers on seats. At Successful Seminar Selling Live on Thursday 14th May 2009, I'll reveal the system that I personally follow to fill up my own seminars time and time again - so that you can get a full house at your seminars too. What to expect when you sign up like the hundreds of business people who have attended before you: Coffee, pastries and great networking from 09.00am - with a prompt start at 09.30am. We'll have lunch together at 1pm, with our afternoon break at 3pm. You'll work hard, but you'll leave at 4.15pm fired up and ready to get started on your own seminars straight away. A lot of delegates join Philip in the bar afterwards to relax, unwind and network with other attendees and also to talk privately about the best way to get their own seminars 'on the road' as soon as possible. The venue is the Hilton Bracknell in the Royal County of Berkshire, RG12 0QJ - just a few miles from Ascot and historic Windsor. The majority of people who attend this workshop travel long distances, so there are close motorway links from the M3 and M4, plus trains to Bracknell for those travelling from London, Heathrow and elsewhere. For those joining us from overseas, we'll arrange your hotel accommodation - including discounts on Hilton rooms for anyone staying overnight. Here are just a few of the many items we will cover to help you plan and present a flawless seminar:
The 7 deadly sins that all businesses make when promoting seminars and how to avoid them Philip Calvert's step-by-step, proven process for ensuring a full house every time How one seminar marketer achieves a near 100% conversion rate at his seminars How Thomas increased his income from £43K to £450K in four years by promoting his business through seminars 40 tips to dramatically increase attendance levels - including 3 golden tips that you MUST remember Public speaking tips that professional speakers use to improve their evaluations and get repeat customers The single most important technique that will guarantee attendees remember and act upon your seminar How and when to charge for your seminars and create a huge new income stream Understanding Google and how to use online social networking websites to pack-out your seminars How to develop new products and services around your seminar that will make money while you sleep
For a comprehensive list of what you will learn, please read below.
"Outstanding value and excellent delivery. Loads of highly relevant, practical material that I will be using straight away. Every business that is passionate about growing by really connecting with their audience will get tremendous value from this course." Matthew Newnham - XL Scotland and Delta Change Management
"To hold people's attention for 6 hours requires a lot of doing! Fantastic - the best value for money seminar I have ever been on." Matt Porter - 2plan Ltd
"A whole host of ideas that will simply trigger more success. Just do it!" Alastair Hutt - Head of Strategic Partnerships, RBS
"Masses of information - most of it new, which I am definitely going to use. If you want to run seminars and you've never done it before, don't waste your money - come on this course first." Anthony Day - The Climate Business
Your Host for this special workshop Philip Calvert is the author of two books on marketing related topics - including the acclaimed Successful Seminar Selling (How to Books). He has appeared on BBC Breakfast TV and Radio as a presentation skills expert and is a keen user of technology and social networks to enhance clients' marketing messages and to support their seminar programmes. We guarantee that Philip's workshop will deliver the kick-start your business needs to succeed in 2009. Philip's book Successful Seminar Selling has changed the attitude and thinking of thousands of sales professionals and business owners - and now Philip's 'Seminar on Seminars' is open to you too at the Hilton Bracknell on Thursday 14th May 2009. When you join everyone else at this event you'll be learning how it's done by someone who is practicing what he preaches every day. His own seminars regularly sell out over two months in advance and he'll be revealing how he does it so that you can too. Follow the lead of countless other business people like you who've already benefited from this workshop and sign-up today. Your investment is amazing value at just £147 (£127.83 excluding vat), discounted from £255 for those booking straight away. Ask any of the hundreds of people who have already attended and they'll tell you that this workshop is worth many, many times the ticket price. These workshops always sell out, so don't miss out. Just after the workshop, as a thank you gift we'll send you free copies of Successful Seminar Selling and Sell-Out Your Seminars - Philip Calvert's acclaimed eBooks which are globally acknowledged as the ultimate guides to planning and promoting successful and profitable seminars and workshops. What's more, you can claim a 30 minute telephone consultation with Philip Calvert up to three months after the event - plus we'll give you 50% off any future event of ours which you attend. But more importantly, here's Philip's personal guarantee: If, after following the steps that you'll learn on the 14th May 2009, you don't get a full house - we will refund your money in full. In fact, if at any time in the future you are not 100% satisfied with the information that you'll learn at the workshop, Philip will personally refund your money. Look at what you'll learn at this acclaimed workshop:
  • Discover 20 reasons how seminars can make A LOT OF MONEY for your business
  • Learn Philip Calvert's personal proven formula for filling up every event
  • Learn how one seminar expert achieves near 100% conversion rates at every event he runs
  • Discover the right (and the wrong) days of the week to hold your events
  • Discover how the right venue influences attendance levels - including 5 points about the venue you MUST get right
  • 'Confessions of a mystery seminar attendee'! Discover what world class seminar hosts do to 'wow' their audiences right from the moment they arrive at the venue
  • How to choose a title and subject matter that is irresistible to your target market
  • How to write enticing, tempting and engaging mailing letters that get results
  • Discover 40 proven tips from seminar experts to dramatically increase attendance levels - including 3 golden tips that you MUST remember (or your event will fail)
  • 38 new ways to use the Internet to promote your event
  • How to turn your seminars into an exciting, rewarding and incredibly profitable new income stream for your business
  • Inside secrets, tips and tricks from world class professional speakers to ensure your audience remembers and acts upon your business messages
  • How to plan your events, including timescales and key activities to consider each week
  • How to promote your events, including benefits of different promotional media such as mail shots, email, websites, blogs, social networks, newspaper and radio advertising etc
  • How and when to charge for your events
  • How to choose a title for your seminar that will increase response rates
  • The THREE target groups you should invite to maximise attendance at your seminars
  • How to work with joint venture partners to increase response rates and lower the cost of your promotional activities, including how to generate free publicity
  • Additional on and offline marketing activities that complement your seminar promotions
  • How to create handouts and feedback sheets that attract new sales
  • The importance of providing high-value FREE materials and services to attendees
  • How to get great testimonials to use in future marketing materials
  • The correct way to set up the seminar room
  • The SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT thing you must do, between guests arriving and the start of the seminar
  • Advanced presentation skills - How to present your seminar with confidence, clarity, conviction and professionalism
  • Tips and tricks to engage attendees before, during and after your seminar
  • The advantages and disadvantages of having guest speakers at your seminar
  • Professional speaking tips to ensure your presentation is remembered and acted upon - including the 6 golden rules on which presentations from world leaders are judged
  • How and when to use humour correctly in your presentation
  • The correct use of PowerPoint and other visual media
  • A powerful flip-chart trick to get the attention of your audience
  • What you must remember to do on the morning of your seminar, including points to get right at the venue
  • How to create profitable new income streams from your seminars
  • How to create exciting new products from your expertise and intellectual property
  • The benefits of recording or filming your seminar
  • How to create a network of loyal advocates for your seminars
  • How to use the Internet to create new income streams after your seminar
  • How to use technology and the Internet to create new products and service propositions
  • How to optimise your online communications so that your seminar appears on the first page of Google
  • How to use your website, Blogs and Social networks to support your events
  • Powerful, proven and hypnotic words and phrases to use in your promotional materials that increase response rates
  • How to write phrases that encourage people to read and act on your promotional materials
  • The truth about email marketing - is it dead and buried or still a powerful tool to promote your seminar?
  • The truth about Podcasts - what they are, how to create one and what it can do for your seminar
  • The magic of 'RSS'. What it is and how it can enhance your seminar proposition
  • How to create Community around your seminars and events
  • Examples of businesses that are successfully using seminars as part of their marketing strategy
  • PLUS - the SIX universal laws which influence behaviour and people to attend seminars
  • If you think this is a lot of information - you're right. And this is just an outline too - so don't miss out! Everyone leaves with a personalised plan This is one of the most important parts of the day. Just after you complete your evaluation sheet for the event we'll do a crucial exercise. You will create an action plan to follow when you leave so that you know exactly what you're going to do next to start benefiting from the wealth of information you'll hear on the day. You'll leave knowing exactly what to do and in what order. Pay by credit or debit card using the safe and secure priority PayPal button below to lock in your place now. You don't need to have a PayPal account to use this. "The best value learning I have had in years. Book it now - before Philip charges the real value of this course." Mark Orr - The Printing and Mailing Company Ltd Solution GraphicsChoose from one of THREE options: 1. Special two-day workshop: 14th and 15th May: £497 £387 plus vat (£445.05) Delegates who sign-up for our VIP option, benefit from an additional day's intensive training on the 15th May, where Philip works side-by-side with you to immediately put your first day's learning into action. Following an overnight stay and meal at the hotel (included in your investment), you and a limited number of delegates will work with Philip to start implementing your plans. You will create your marketing materials from scratch, identify promotional activities for your seminars and agree relevant Internet and social networking sites to get your seminars off the ground immediately and achieve maximum exposure. You will also work on specific presentation and speaking skills that are appropriate for your own seminar events. Make 2. One Day Workshop on 14th May (Priority Seats): £299 £197 (includes vat) A limited number of people have the opportunity to purchase one of our 'Hot Seats'. This means that you'll get to present your own seminar challenges and problems, raise your profile and benefit from feedback and advice from other participants. You'll also receive free online and email coaching and help from Philip Calvert for a full year. At past events, the Hot Seats have proven to be one of the most helpful elements of the seminar. It's your chance to benefit from the wisdom of the crowd and to give your business an extra boost. Make 3. One Day Workshop on 14th May (Immediate Standard booking): £255 £147 (includes vat) Make If, like a lot of people you wish to bring colleagues to the workshop and require 3 or more standard tickets, please contact Philip Calvert for details of further discounts. Telephone +44 (0)1483 548 666. To book by post, please contact us first by email to philip@philipcalvert.com for details. Questions before you sign-up? Call Philip Calvert's direct line: +44 (0)1483 548 666 or mobile +44 (0)7773 359 619 An important note about timing To ensure that we cover everything in the schedule and to be fair to everyone, the event will start ON TIME. When the programme says it starts at 09.30am we mean just that. I'm sure you will understand the importance of this.
    "There's no substitute for hands-on, face to face interaction. Philip delivered a practically non-stop barrage of tips, information and advice on how to run your own seminar in his Seminar on Seminars last week. Look, listen and learn. Watch what he does and then rinse and repeat and put it into practice for yourself. Well worth attending if you're thinking of running your own seminars and workshops." Clare Evans - Time Management Coach
    "Outstanding - full of practical advice and tips, but also plenty of paradigm-shifting Wow material. Seminars are going to be an essential marketing tool for most businesses - Phil is the expert and this is the Masterclass. Go! Julian Treasure - The Sound Agency
    "This event isn't just for people doing seminars - if you need to market your business, you need to attend!" Roy Gough - Alloy CRM
    Cancellation Policy: People rarely cancel their booking, but if you do we'll do our best to transfer your ticket to a future workshop or provide a full refund. In the event of you cancelling your booking within 7 working days of the workshop, we will still offer a transfer to another date if one is available or offer your money back. Cancellations or transfers within 7 working days of the workshop will incur an administration fee of £40. face>
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