Why Are You Still Putting Off That Seminar You're Planning?

Why Are You Still Putting Off That Seminar You're Planning? How much of a difference would it make to have a full house at your seminars and workshops? More prospects, more referrals, more sales? Well now you can when you own your copy of Successful Seminar Selling today. This acclaimed, startling and content-packed eBook from seminar selling expert Philip Calvert reveals the secrets of how to attract hundreds of new prospects by hosting your own seminars, workshops, showcases and networking events. Like thousands before you, you'll discover:
  • How seminars and workshops will fast-track the growth of your business
  • A proven system to plan and market your events
  • How to fill the room with hundreds of eager new prospects for your products and services
  • How to achieve conversion rates approaching 100 per cent
  • How to niche your seminars to achieve the highest levels of attendance and profitability
  • How and when to charge for your seminars (and create a profitable new income stream)
  • How to get your message across with clarity, confidence and conviction
  • How to build instant rapport with your seminar delegates
  • How to guarantee that your attendees remember and act on your seminar
  • and much, much more
  • Packed with real-life examples of how all businesses can benefit from hosting their own seminars and promotional events, this book both informs, educates and inspires. Now out of stock on Amazon, this book is often for sale at between £75 and £150 per copy. But if you want guaranteed results, you can own the full-length eBook of Successful Seminar Selling today and get a special bonus eGuide Sell-Out Your Seminars! Your investment: £17.97 for both Successful Seminar Selling AND Sell-Out Your Seminars - 36 Tips to Get Bums on Seats at your Seminars and Workshops. Don't miss out on learning a proven step-by-step system to pack-out your seminars, because it's guaranteed to make a huge difference to the success of your events. Click to own your copy today and pay by credit/debit card or PayPal: Make "Just thought I'd let you know I bought a copy of your 'Successful Seminar Selling" book today and having got a third of the way through it already (and barely able to put it down) I feel genuinely humbled. I can honestly say that I have rarely read a book that has had such an impact in such a short space of time and I really feel like an amateur." Alan Gee "Philip Calvert's book gives the reader both a methodology and a motivational logic for having a seminar programme. Having attended one of the author's own seminars I can state that he walks the talk. Simple, practical and no-nonsense. This book should be read, digested and re-read by you if you are looking for new business." Rod Sloane
    Thu 24th Jan 2013
    Surrey, UK
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