MindSpa - Approved by NLP's Dr. Richard Bandler

MindSpa - Approved by NLP's Dr. Richard Bandler

The MindSpa is the personal development system recommended by Dr. Richard Bandler in his NLP seminars

We now have the latest "6th Generation" version of the MindSpa in stock.

Approved by Dr. Richard Bandler

 "I have devoted 35 years to developing tools to make the human brain more user friendly. I find the MindSpa to be of the most important new tools that can open the doorway to better quality of life. I use the MindSpa on myself....I use the MindSpa on my clients. The results I get are astonishing. Better learning, sleeping, thinking...... the list goes on and on. I intend to use this device to create opportunity, success, and freedom. Let the future be more wonderful! "
DR. RICHARD BANDLER, Co-creator and Creative Genius of Neuro Linguistic Programming™

The MIndspa Personal Development System is a small, light highly-portable device that present pulsed audio and visual stimulation to the brain via headphones and special glasses.

After a short period of time, the brain begins to follow the frequency of the stimulus. In this way, the MIndspa Personal Development System can slow down brainwaves producing the effect of meditation.

In fact, with only fifteen or twenty minutes use of a MIndspa Personal Development System , it is possible to experience the same peace and tranquility as an experienced practitioner of meditation. >Click here to learn more about Meditation Machines

MindSpa Built-in Sessions

The strength of the MindSpa system lies in the eighteen proprietary built-in sessions which have been developed by a recognized Auditory and Visual (AVS) expert, Dr. Ruth Olmstead.

The tweve sessions consist of 15 deep relaxation programs, (which form The Progressive Relaxation™ method), and 3 stimulation programs.

The MindSpa's Progressive Relaxation programs enable you to work towards deeper and deeper levels of relaxation and meditation over several weeks.

The early sessions lead you to mid and low alpha, while the later programs progressively take you to the low theta levels.

CalmBlue Deep Relaxation Glasses

In addition to the standard CrystalWhite Multi-Purpose Visual Stimulation Glasses, the MindSpa DeLuxe Package also includes the specially developed blue light CalmBlue™Multi-Purpose Glasses.


How to use the MindSpa system

Just select a program, put on the proprietary led glasses and headphones, gently close your eyes, take a few long, relaxing breaths and allow MindSpa to envelop you with deep, pulsating rhythms. This sensory combination of pure white light and sound removes outside distraction, gently bathing you in a pleasant world of peace and tranquility. >Click here to learn more about using a Meditation Machine

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