Unique Team Building Training Programme - with Horses

Unique Team Building Training Programme - with Horses

If you are serious about building effective teams, then this programme is for you. A2O are providers of high quality team building programmes for people who demand exceptional results

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Equine Guided Team Building is a unique and powerful team building experience. This programme is not about horses it is about people. On it your people will :-
  • Understand and appreciate the unique skills of each team member
  • Actually work together in challenging situations, not role play and pretend
  • Know how to engage with the team more effectively
  • Leave with a clear vision on how to work together effectively
  • Feel part of a cohesive effective, high performance team
  • So many trainings focus on what we do as a team member, this programme is different. Working with the horses you focus on who you are as a member. We work with the really important elements of team playing namely - relationships, beliefs, respect, trust and focus. You can sign up for our newsletter here :- Sign Up Or email us on info@egld.co.uk Or call us on 07774 968817

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    What people say:- "Enlightening, amazing - I am a Fan" Jane Drysdale - Executive "An excellent day, Exceeded expectations, having said I was cynical but never the less a great day Â…Â….. thank you" - Philip Andrews "Moving, a risk well taken and a better understanding of the power of self confidence and awareness". - Martin Metcalf - MD SAP NUKIA "It was one of the best development sessions I have experienced. It is not in your face and you take away as much as you invest. Not only was I able to take away some good tools and techniques but it also reinforced some beliefs I had shown in another context/environment" - National ERP COO David Harris is your trainer, click on the picture to see David's Monday 9am film "Waiting to be Found Out" Email info@egld.co.uk Mobile 07774 - 968817
    Fri 25th Jan 2013
    Berks, UK
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