NRG Boardroom: How to take your business to the next stage

NRG Boardroom: How to take your business to the next stage Get a virtual 'Board of Directors' working for you! "No man can become a permanent success without taking others along with him." Napoleon Hill You are the owner of a professional business. You are successful, ambitious and determined to take your business to the next stage. You haven't got a board with non-executive directors but recognise the value it brings. The road to success can be long, lonely and frustrating. Do you ever catch yourself thinking? "I want to take my business to the next stage and I am stuck" "How do I double my turnover?" "How do I make sure change really happens?" "It's two steps forward one step back in my business" "How can I sort out the big day-to-day issues where I don't have the right skills?" "I'm too close to the business to see the real issues - what am I missing?" "Who is there to challenge my ideas and plans?" "How do I exit from my business and maximise my return?" Sometimes sharing your issues with others whose opinion you value can help you solve them faster. But getting access to the right people with the right expertise can be a challenge. Successful business owners recognise the value of mastermind groups; groups which focus on the attainment of a specific purpose. It is no surprise that larger organisations have boards with non-executive directors - it is because they work. "A Mastermind group is the coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people for the attainment of a definite purpose." Napoleon Hill What if you had access to your own 'non-executive board' willing to bring their expertise to focus on your business issues? But good non-execs are expensive and hard to find.* Each NRG Boardroom mastermind group brings together a range of non-competing business owners (10 max). The monthly 'board meeting' is run by an NRG chairperson skilled in facilitation and provides the catalyst for:
  • Resolving in-depth operational issues with your peers
  • Being challenged by and accountable to your peers for your action plans
  • Discussing strategic issues with subject matter experts and your peers
  • In addition each NRG Boardroom group has a private online forum for members to interact with each other and to post/respond to specific issues. To qualify for membership you have to have a proven track record and be prepared to help other members solve their business issues. Confidentiality and trust are key. If you want to know more about NRG Boardroom contact Martin Davies or Dave Clarke at NRG Business Networks. * The median fee rate for a non-executive is £18,000 a year. First Flight survey 2007.
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